Scouted Activewear and Loungewear Sources You Should Know About

Pur Line vintage wash leggings available from Purvelo in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Many months into the pandemic, we all could use a little extra motivation to get moving—or at the very least, benefit from a serious upgrade in our at-home loungewear. Whichever camp you fall into, we’ve rounded up the most comfortable, fashion-forward, small-business-sourced picks for workout attire and hangout gear. Here, our editors across the country recommend their top picks for local stores and comfortable-chic pieces that will help elevate your next workout (or couch) session.

SHOP: Purvelo
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia
WHAT THEY CARRY: A cycling studio with five locations in the South, Purvelo also has an online shop for athletic wear. While they specialize in gear for spinning, their stylish selection of bras, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, leggings, and  bike shorts works for whatever sport you’re into.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “All of Purvelo’s gear is so fashion-forward that I actually feel stylish during my rides,” says The Scout Guide Charlottesville co-editor Christy Ford. “It motivates me to gear up and get into the studio.”
MUST-HAVE PIECE: Pur Line vintage wash leggings, shown above.

The Maya quilted jacket available from Style the Nest in Asheville, North Carolina.

SHOP: Nest
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina
WHAT THEY CARRY: Nest boutique specializes in styling women sizes 0-24 from every walk of life, with a passion for providing a space in which all women feel beautiful, carrying accessories, “Love Club” girls collection, and gifts. Their D.I.Y Studio is a place where friendships can flourish over crafting and cocktails.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:Nest is so much more than a boutique! They have done an outstanding job at creating a space where all women feel valued and there is something for everyone,” says The Scout Guide Asheville editor Meagan Harris.
MUST-HAVE PIECE: The Maya quilted jacket, shown above.

Nice bra in black available from Personal Couture in Huntsville, Alabama.

SHOP: Personal Couture
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama
WHAT THEY CARRY: A Southern dress boutique with on-trend pieces. Their loungewear pieces manage to be both stylish and comfortable.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I love Personal Couture because I can always find a piece with a pop of color that I feel comfortable in and that makes me feel special,” says The Scout Guide Huntsville editor Dawn Pumpelly.
MUST-HAVE PIECE: Nice bra in black, shown above. 

Rhythm skirt available from In Motion in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

SHOP: In Motion
LOCATION: Fayetteville, Arkansas
WHAT THEY CARRY: In Motion carries a wide variety of activewear, loungewear, and other casual women’s clothing and accessories, including top brands like Free People, Jo & Jax, and Five Dancewear.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “We love In Motion for their comfortable pieces and versatile styles. You can find everything from a tennis skirt and dancewear to jeans or a fun dress to elevate your wardrobe,” says The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas editor Rebekah Lawrence. “A TSG Northwest Arkansas fave is their super soft Lullaby set. Dreamy!”
MUST-HAVE PIECE: Rhythm skirt, shown above.