Celebrating Small Business in Saint Louis

Three elegantly dressed women posing with smiles in front of a classical white wall with vertical striped paneling and a decorative arch window feature at the top. The environment suggests a sophisticated venue, aligning with The Scout Guide's emphasis on local businesses and lifestyle.

Celebrated in May every year, Small Business Month is a special tribute to celebrate small businesses, their courage, community efforts, and hard work for an entire month! Small businesses are the backbone of the United States economy. According to a 2020 study by the U.S. Small Business Administration (S.B.A.), there are 31.7 million small businesses in the United States and these small businesses are the unsung heroes of the American Dream.

Here in Saint Louis, we are lucky to be able to work with over 128 local businesses just within The Scout Saint Louis. Small business owners are mighty, inspirational, brave, and leaders of our local economies. We celebrate all of our small business friends this month who inspire us daily (some who are shown below).

A smiling woman seated casually on a dark modern couch with her hands clasped, wearing a sleeveless black top and vibrant blue pants, complemented by beige high-heeled sandals. A dark wall backdrop and potted green plants add a touch of nature-inspired decor, exuding a chic ambiance reflective of The Scout Guide aesthetics.
A vibrant and colorful portrait exemplifying The Scout Guide's ethos, featuring a cheerful woman with purple hair seated on a pink chair against a bright turquoise background. She's wearing a pastel pink trousers and a sheer blouse with a bow tie at the neck, complemented by sparkling white high heels. Her style reflects a bold and confident aesthetic.
Alt text: A joyful woman with curly hair and glasses sits confidently, smiling brightly at the camera. She wears a white polka-dot blouse paired with classic blue jeans. Her style complements the laid-back yet sophisticated ambiance reminiscent of The Scout Guide aesthetic, with a rustic wooden background and a hint of floral decor.
A woman with curly hair and a gold jacket leans on a table, smiling, with her chin resting on her hand amidst towering stacks of colorful books on both sides, reminiscent of The Scout Guide's affinity for curated local experiences and knowledge.
Two individuals are featured in a vibrant setting filled with intricate rugs, embodying the essence of The Scout Guide with their discerning taste in décor and textiles. The person on the left is casually seated atop piled rugs, sporting a light jacket and jeans, while the individual on the right stands leaning against a roll of rugs, dressed in a dark shirt and blue jeans, both exuding a relaxed confidence. The array of richly patterned rugs around them showcases a collection of traditional designs, adding depth and culture to the scene.
Four women standing in front of a white classic building entrance adorned with a large blue bow, each dressed in spring attire, accompanied by a stack of colorfully wrapped gift boxes, representing the joy and elegance of The Scout Guide.
A radiant individual with a cheerful smile poses in front of a vibrant backdrop of assorted fresh flowers, exuding an aura of confidence and style reminiscent of The Scout Guide's ethos. The person's colorful patterned attire complements the natural surroundings, creating a harmonious blend of fashion and flora.
Bright orange penguin sculpture prominently displayed in an indoor setting with a dark blue textured backdrop and a soft-focus brown leather couch in the background, evoking a playful yet sophisticated vibe in line with The Scout Guide's aesthetic.
A stylish individual with platinum blonde hair stands confidently against a backdrop with an intricate malachite design, exuding an air of fashion-forward elegance as highlighted by The Scout Guide. They are dressed in a vibrant, butterfly-patterned ensemble that showcases a modern sense of style.
A cheerful woman in a yellow patterned outfit is standing in a bright kitchen holding a delicate teacup and saucer, emanating a sense of elegance and warmth reminiscent of The Scout Guide's lifestyle aesthetic.
A confident individual stands with arms crossed, wearing a smart-casual light blue blazer over a crisp white shirt paired with denim jeans, set against a geometric blue backdrop, evoking a polished appearance for The Scout Guide.
A woman wearing a gold crown smiles while standing in a store with shelves of chocolates and colorful candies in the background, evoking a sense of luxury that resonates with The Scout Guide's emphasis on local high-quality offerings. She is dressed in a blue dress with a white chain-link pattern, adding a touch of elegance to the cheerful scene. Her poised demeanor and the sophisticated surroundings suggest a curated lifestyle experience.
A woman in an elegant patterned dress sits on the edge of a navy blue bed with a mix of classic and eclectic decor influenced by The Scout Guide's aesthetic. The room features vibrant wallpaper, patterned drapery, and a variety of textured furnishings, creating a bold yet harmonious interior. A stylish chandelier adds a touch of luxury overhead.
Three smiling women in matching white t-shirts and black leggings standing closely together in a brightly lit pilates studio, representing The Scout Guide with enthusiasm and fitness vibes.
A woman in a floral dress holds a small dog inside a boutique-like setting with shelving displaying various items, in line with The Scout Guide's focus on promoting local businesses and lifestyle.