An Interview with Danyal Timmermann, owner of Boom Pilates

Woman in pink leggings at Boom Pilates studio, The Scout Guide.

In honor of Boom Pilate’s 5 year anniversary, we sat down with Danyal Timmermann, owner and founder of Boom Pilates, to discuss all things small business and her goals for the next 5 years.

TSG Saint Louis – What Inspired You To Start Boom?

Danyal- Boom is a nod to my lifelong love of dance, and specifically dance music. The sessions and choreography are set to the backdrop of techno dance beats. The deliberate musical element is a key feature within our Boom Room experience. Our goal is to give you a little boombox party every single time you arrive for a Pilates class. 

TSG Saint Louis- How has Boom evolved over the last 5 years?

Danyal- Over time we have moved from our original focus in teaching customized Private trainings, to a bigger platform with growing our group-class offerings and group schedule. We have worked to keep our classed accessible, attainable in costs, while still offering multiple levels of trainings – to share our love of Pilates with the masses! 

TSG Saint Louis- What sets Boom apart from other pilates studios in the area?

Danyal- We utilize multiple modalities in our weekly group-class schedule. Most of our guests are already familiarized with Reformer Pilates classes, but we love the opportunity to transition our clients into new apparatus trainings within their Pilates journey. We offer group classes that feature contemporary repertoires on the Reformers, Towers, Chairs and Barrels. 

TSG Saint Louis- What challenge’s did you face when opening up your business, and how did you overcome them?

Danyal- Entering a very concentrated Pilates/boutique fitness market in 2019, was pretty wild. The beginning was hard because I had to say “yes” to any available hour of the day to convert, capture, and retain new guests. There were no days off as an owner/instructor for more months than I would like to admit. I knew it was critical for us to offer something unique and different to capture a totally new Pilates audience. I also invested a lot of time, effort and costs into continued eduction and in-house teacher training. Slowly and steadily I trained, mentored, and grew a team of incredibly talented teachers (and their respective teaching journeys) continue to be my most proud aspect of the studio. 

Oh, and it’s fair to mention that the pandemic/shut-down was a real bummer as a brand new business owner. That was a phase of life I hope to never relive. 

TSG Saint Louis- How has your relationships with your clients grown and developed over the years?

Danyal- Boom has always been a place packed with friendship. The community is made up mostly of women supporting women. We have a core value that no “snotty Pilates” is inside our four walls. Everyone’s unique Pilates journey is valued and everybody is welcome to join us. Pilates should never be about good Pilates vs. bad Pilates, or “right” Pilates from “wrong” Pilates. Every single journey in this space is equally inspiring and interesting. At Boom, we offer group classes designed for beginners, and Pilates-athletes alike. The vibe of the studio is jamming with cheerful, positive and affirmative energy! I set out to curate a zone that removes the intimidations from boutique fitness, and sincerely love that this culture continues to thrive in absence of me running the room.

TSG Saint Louis- Can you share any success stories or transformations that have happened at Boom?

Danyal- Every single human that commits to Boom has a transformative journey. Our program focuses equally on strength, choreography, technique, principles of movement, posture, alignment and flexibility. I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t feel something positive from experiencing a fun Pilates session. 

TSG Saint Louis- What new programs or classes have you implemented since starting Boom?

Danyal- We have added multiple modalities in our classes and we are looking forward to adding more unique offerings as we grow in size and staff. My team is currently begging for me to create a space for hosting weekly Mat Pilates classes in the near future. 

TSG Saint Louis- How do you ensure that your instructors are well-trained and qualified to teach Pilates?

Danyal- We have a full comprehensive certification program that we lead in-house called, The Mixed Method. My entire team of teachers have been trained and certified in at least one modality under TMM. I’m a co-founder and Instructor Trainer for this contemporary Pilates Education program.

TSG Saint Louis- What are your plans and goals for the future of Boom?

Danyal- We need more space asap to support our growing waitlist. Stay tuned for our growth plans on deck! We are eager to meet anyone and everyone in the Boom Room and we need to make space for more boomtastic Pilates. 

Our forever mission is to share a new client BOGO with every fitness enthusiast in the Lou 🩷

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