Put It on Paper: Committing to Handwritten Correspondence

TSG tip 109: Handwritten Note

A simple way to reinforce connections and show someone you care, composing a handwritten note is a creative exercise that generates positive returns for both sender and recipient alike. From the finer points of card-sending to fulfilling a desire to disconnect from devices, here’s why we’re committing to increasing our handwritten correspondence:

The ultimate bespoke gift. When you write a letter, you are creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake made just for the recipient. As Margaret Shepherd writes in her lovely book on the subject, The Art of the Handwritten Note, “Each handwritten note is unique. Exclusivity is certain; no one else is receiving exactly the same note.”

A reason to pause and reflect. Taking even just a small amount of time out of the day to focus on conveying a sentiment in ink can feel like a welcome respite and help us refocus. 

Putting your personality on paper. While we appreciate the entertainment value of an emoji-filled text, a handwritten note on personal stationery can be absolutely exquisite. Resolving to send more handwritten correspondence is a perfect excuse to invest in custom paper products, and recipients will appreciate the personal touch.

Short and sweet. There’s no rule that states that a handwritten letter has to be long, or reason to feel pressured to produce flowery prose. A simple three-sentence expression of appreciation, encouragement, etc., is enough to make the recipient feel special.

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