The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale Vol. 1 Launch Event from TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale on Vimeo.

We couldn’t have created such a memorable launch event without our partners. Please be sure to check out all nine total businesses below as each brought something unique and specialized to the event.



Benedict’s is a Scottsdale-based catering company and one of the best corporate and private caterers in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and the Phoenix metro area. Their commitment to providing award-winning service, inviting presentation, and detailed event planning ensures that your next event is as effortless as it is distinctive.

They made their special mark on our launch party with charcuterie skewers, delicious passed appetizers (e.g. duck confit, corn cake + pork tenderloin, and veggie ceviche), and their impeccable service.

Q & A with Dawn Kennington-Bejar, Owner

Q: What would you like our TSG community to know about your business?

A: We are true creatives who love collaborating with one another to develop and create the most delicious food, beverage and event experience for our clients.

Q: What do you love about living and working here in the Valley?

A: The Valley is unique and beautiful with amazing weather and landscapes. Our city is filled with amazing, colorful, and energetic people from all over the world. We have a close community of folks who help and support one another.

Q: Will you be celebrating a milestone soon?

A: We will be celebrating 20 years of catering in 2022!

Q: Please share some of your local favorites.

A: Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, happy hour on the patio at El Chorro, the spa and hiking at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Tarbell’s, The Gladly, Hidden Track Bottle Shop (downtown Phx), Gallo Blanco (best Mexican and tequila ever!).

Q: Do you have a particular charity that’s close to your heart?

A: Amanda Hope Rainbow Angels, New Song Center for Grieving Children and ALS.



The Croft Downtown is unlike any other venue in the Phoenix area, run by owners Mark and Angela Karp who are absolute industry professionals.

With over 10,000 square feet of event space, the venue includes two dedicated indoor spaces–cement floors and wood trellised ceilings offer a sophisticated slate to create your unique event–and ample outdoor space. The team will work with you to customize these areas for networking parties, award ceremonies, corporate events, and wedding receptions.  

Mark and Angela were instrumental to our event, not only assisting with all the details regarding the venue and set-up but also adding special touches such as the step and repeat florals.

Q & A with Mark and Angela Karp, Owners

Q: Can you please share about the evolution of your business from Angelic Grove to your impressive downtown event venue, The Croft?

A: Angelic Grove has been a pioneer in the Downtown Phoenix Warehouse District. We purchased 22 E. Buchanan Street in 2013 to house Angelic Grove, our production company. Since the building is 17,500 sqft we decided to open a venue in 10,500 sqft of the property. After a year of renovations on the building, The Croft Downtown opened as a wedding and event venue in October 2014.

Q: The Croft Downtown has several amazing event spaces all with unique names. Can you share the inspiration behind these names?

A: When looking for a domain name for the venue it was definitely a challenge to find a name that was not already taken. Croft-on-Tees is the village in the North of England where our Co-Founder Angela Karp grew up. Croft is also the village Lewis Carroll lived in and wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” The four venue spaces are named after an area in the village or from the book.

Q: Tell us about a milestone you’ve recently celebrated?

A: Angelic Grove just celebrated 21 years in business in the Valley!

Q: What do you love about living and working here in the Valley?

A: We love living and working in the Valley. We have spent most of our time living downtown in Encanto and moved a couple of years ago to Echo Canyon. The seven months of sunshine is wonderful for us to do outdoor events whether it is at The Croft Downtown or another location in the Valley.

Q: Can you share with us a few of your local favorites?

A: We have some wonderful and unique restaurants close to The Croft Downtown, one being Anhelo Restaurant, a contemporary American restaurant focusing on dishes that spark up conversations. Our other favorite is Kaizen Sushi located in The Larry Building. It’s a super fresh sushi concept focusing on freshness and quality; we advise you to make a reservation as they are only open Tuesday through Thursday for dinner. For a great date night come and enjoy Candlelight Concerts on the Green here at The Croft Downtown; to find your favorite genre and ticket details go to https://feverup.com/phoenix/candlelight



Liquid Caterers is a full-service mobile bartending and beverage management company that also specializes in vintage tap vehicles, virtual mixology classes, custom “just add spirit” gift boxes, and cocktail infusion kits.

They added many special touches to our event including their adorable “Finley” tap vehicle, TSG logo drinks upon arrival, and service of our signature drinks, the TSG X TEXAZTASTE Signature Margarita and Scouted Spirtz.

Q & A with Kinsey and Neal Kendrick, Owners

Q: What inspired you to begin your business?

A: We knew there were a lot of other bartending companies out there but we wanted to bring something different to the market, showcasing new never-before-seen products accompanied with superior service starting at the time of inquiry all the way through post-event. We knew the bar was the most visited spot in the entire event, but getting the least amount of attention and wanted to change that.

Q: What should our audience walk away from this article knowing about your business?

A: We have been doing this for over 10 years here in the Valley. We understand what it takes on every level to create an incredible beverage experience for our clients; navigating them through every step. We also bring unique experiences like pouring beers off a vintage 1966 Chevy panel truck or Cocktails off a 1964 Cushman Cart. We can even place your picture or logo on a cocktail (like they did with our TSG logo for the event!). Whether it is a backyard event to a full-service black-tie affair; we pride ourselves on bringing our client’s visions to life. At the end of the day your guest won’t be walking around with a plate in their hand, but rather a cocktail!

Q: Do you have an industry-specific tip to share with our audience?

A: One of the biggest things we say is don’t take on the bar or beverage service for your event on your own. There can be just too many little things that can be missed and allow a company like ours to utilize our knowledge and experience to deliver the best results!



For 43 years, The Paper Place has been the prime resource for creative invitations to weddings, charity galas, and all kinds of personal and corporate events.

From custom designs to beautifully unique gifts, greeting cards, menus and more, they have mastered the art of making special occasions memorable.

Betsy and Nancy set the tone for our celebration from the start with the design and creation of our invitations (a small TSG guide that revealed event details when opened) as well as taking care of special details such as personalized notepads, name badges, and bag tags.

Q & A with Betsy Hendricks & Nancy Silver, Owners

Q: Please share a bit about your custom invitation process. What makes it such a special experience with The Paper Place?

A: An essential part of a great party is getting people to attend, sparking excitement with an exceptional invitation that sets the mood.

To accomplish that, we function much like investigative reporters. We listen carefully and ask a lot of questions to get a sense of the customer’s needs and mindset. Will the look be formal or fun? Traditional wording or something clever? Special theme? Special colors?

What will the table decor and flowers be? What is the venue like? We dig out as many details as we can, but there is no formula for the magic that follows. That takes a team of writers, designers, artists, typesetters, printers, and more who take pride and joy in their work.

It’s a privilege really, that our customers share with us the most meaningful moments and details of their lives. That emotional connection is as great a reward as the actual invitation.

Q: Do you have a particular charity that’s close to your hearts?

A: Here at The Paper Place we bark for the bow wows! When co-owner Nancy Silver’s two dogs, Mr. P and Lacey passed after long lives and loving service as the store mascots, she established Two Pups Wellness Fund to provide financial assistance for pets through county shelters and rescues, funded by private donations. Two Pups has, in its first 4 years, enabled life-saving care, surgeries, and medications for over 1300 dogs and cats.



The Good Vibe Media is a female-owned and operated video production team located here in Phoenix. They produce high-quality wedding, event, and brand video with an authentic approach.

Their team captured our event in a spectacular fashion, effortlessly making their way through the event taking video of all the details and interactions and editing it in such a way that the word “magicians” has been uttered once or twice.

Q & A with Carly Gilleland, Owner

Q: What inspired you to create The Good Vibe Media?

A: I have been fascinated by video production and storytelling since high school- I graduated from Arcadia High- and as I continued my studies in film and media at Long Beach State.

After graduating with my bachelor’s in film & media studies with minors in Marketing and Journalism, I gave birth to my daughter. Being a single mom to a little girl absolutely gave me the drive to build a business that would allow me to have the flexibility and freedom to raise her and also live by an example that she can make a career out of her passion too.

I am proud that we are able to provide our clients with high-quality productions and product from a female perspective.

Q: What an important point about your business our reader should know?

A: We definitely strive to bring all the good vibes at each shoot we work on, and we feel that translates well with the footage that is captured.

Q: Can you share with us some of your local favorites?

A: I am in the Arcadia bubble, and it’s hard for me to get out! It is common to find me riding my Phat Scooter to the corner of 40th and Campbell every week either at LGO, Ingo’s, or Postino. The Madison has a special place in my heart and is my go-to for yoga and spin classes. There is a cafe inside the Madison building called Gooder Goods that has THE BEST avocado toast you will ever eat! Mark my words.

Then, I typically will wander over to Optimyze on 38th St and Indian School for compression/cold/heat therapy for some self-care time. Lastly, Camelback Flowershop is my go-to for unique arrangements and gifts that make my heart happy.

Q: What do you love about running a business in the Valley?

A: I am in awe of the people and brands we have been exposed to in the few years we have been in business!



Southwest Event Rental is also a local female-owned business that provides modern southwest luxury decor including teepees, glamping tents, dining decor, and beautiful lounge furniture. They service corporations, corporate planners, event venues, hotels, as well as weddings and social in all southwestern states.

The decor company certainly made its mark on our launch event, setting the scene with distinct decor pieces at our check-in area, lounge vignettes, and unique food station tables.

Q & A with Susie Alofs, Owner

Q: What inspired you to begin your business?

A: The inspiration goes back nearly 15 years when I planned a corporate event for my eyewear company. I wanted to offer an authentic southwestern experience but did not want to do the expected western cowboy and instead landed on a teepee theme. I created a teepee for each dining table and named each one. Unfortunately, there were no teepees to rent so I made 14 in my back parking lot. I have been getting calls ever since and finally decided to create a full decor company. Thus, Southwest Teepee and Event Rental Co.

Q: What is unique about your business?

A: What makes our company unique is that we offer a full-blown “experience” that most people have not seen, dining in a now trademarked, “Naked Teepee.” A Naked Teepee is made of 12 to 14 26ft poles, each lit up with twinkle lights, a hanging chandelier, and a beautifully decorated dining table or lounge inside. A true southwestern celebration.

Q: Do you have an industry-specific tip to share with our audience?

A: My industry tip is very simple. Provide your guest with an experience and focus on that as opposed to the decor itself. Imagine what they will see and feel and be sure it is new and memorable. Another beautiful linen on the same round table with the same 10 chairs, while beautiful, it is something most of us have already experienced.

Q: What do you love about living and working here in the Valley?

A: I love living and working here in the valley as the outdoor lifestyle is uplifting, motivating and inspires me to be healthy and happy every day.



Garcia Morett Entertainment is your one-stop-shop for the best entertainment in Phoenix. Whether it’s as a DJ, or as a live performer, he aims to be dynamic, yet tasteful and knows how to deliver that perfect touch to your event.

Chris added the best energy to our event, beginning with acoustic (think the classy/cool acoustic version of a Justin Bieber song) followed by DJ sets that created just the perfect vibe without overpowering the event.

Q & A with Chris Garcia, Owner – DJ/MC/Musician/Host

Q: What makes your business special or unique?

A: There are a couple of things that make my business unique and that is that I can provide both live music and DJ services, and I often do! One of my favorite things to do is to play a wedding ceremony acoustically, then rock the reception behind the decks for an awesome dance party! Another thing is that I’m fully bilingual!. Believe it or not, Spanish is my first language, and I am very comfortable being able to MC in both languages simultaneously. This last one has been invaluable in the southwestern United States!

Q: Do you have an industry-specific tip to share with our audience?

A: My tip for anyone planning an event, especially a milestone event like a wedding, is to make sure that you are picking your vendors for their personalities and professionalism. Yes, budget is definitely important, and your taste/style should definitely never be disregarded, but there are so many wonderful people and businesses in our industry that will go above and beyond to make your vision a reality. I know that for myself, there are few more satisfying moments than when I know I helped bring my client’s dreams to life! There is a special bond that you form from working together for these special moments. It’s one of the many reasons I love working in this industry!



Simona of Simona Monique Photography is an Arizona portrait photographer who loves working with businesses and individuals to create branding that represents who they are and captures their very essence.

Her lovely touch can be found throughout this article with event photos that captured the energy and detail of the evening.

Q&A with Simona Hecker, Owner/Photographer

Q: What inspired you to begin your business?

A: I have been interested in photography since high school and enjoyed being the school photographer. When my first son was born I found myself always behind the camera taking his photos and decided to take my then hobby to the next level.

Q: Can you share with us a few of your local favorites?

A: I love any of the Postino‘s to relax and grab a glass of wine. Joya Spa for a relaxing spa day. For a great workout, I love The Foundry for some hot yoga.



From invitations and calligraphed envelopes to place cards, signage, and seating charts, Desert Plume Calligraphy elevates any special event.

Jodean was an absolute hit at our event, personalizing TSG guides with guest’s names to enhance the keepsake.


Be sure to tell them Scout sent you!