Scouted in the Community: PANDA 2022 "Children Helping Children" Fashion Show

With generous support from the community, PANDA raised $4.1 million for the Steele Children’s Research Center this year! These funds will go to the 2022 PANDA Children’s Genome Sequencing Project, which includes purchasing the NovaSeq 6000, a state-of-the art rapid whole genome sequencing machine. Whole genome sequencing will bring much needed answers and potential cures to children and their families.

Video Credit: The Good Vibe Media

For more than two decades, PANDA has funded the work of internationally recognized physician-scientists to investigate a range of pediatric illnesses including those involving cancer, autoimmune disorders, genetics, gastroenterology, and development and behavioral pediatrics. PANDA’s focus has always been, and always will be, on the research. PANDA’s inspiration comes from Dr. Ghishan’s quote, “If I spend an hour with one child, I help one child. If I spend one hour in the lab, I help 1,000 children.”

Photography Credit: Carrie Evans Photography