Member Spotlight: The Brokery

Integral to The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale’s mission is telling the stories behind the small businesses Scouted in each Volume. The story begins in print and continues online, after all. As you peruse Volume 2, we are thrilled to continue our story-telling mission with Member Spotlights…

Photography by Carrie Evans Photography.

In 2012, seasoned real estate experts Oleg Bortman and Tucker Blalock teamed up to found The Brokery, a boutique real estate company with a vision to be experts in community’s they serve. That vision – later translated into their company’s motto, “Relentlessly Local” – has allowed the duo to develop a team of top-performing agents. Once focused in Biltmore and Arcadia, The Brokery now works with residents of Central Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and beyond. Leveraging their growing team’s local expertise, The Brokery delivers the same relentlessly local experience that inspired Blalock and Bortman over a decade ago.

While you’ll recall Brokery agent, Lara Sperber’s feature from Volume 1 and have previewed The Brokery’s luxury listings in our monthly Scouted Listings series, we’re thrilled to highlight the boutique real estate company in Volume 2 and chat with entrepreneurs and Founders, Bortman and Blalock the about their ethos and expansion.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: What motivated your partnership and founding of The Brokery?
Bortman & Blalock: We saw a need for a nimble, locally knowledgeable brokerage that could provide exceptional value to residents of our communities.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: From your motto to your origin story, the ethos of The Brokery is hyperlocal. Can you elaborate on the importance of being “Relentlessly Local” in the real estate business?
Bortman & Blalock: We believe in the power of finding your niche and being an expert in a particular area within real estate. Living and breathing a neighborhood affords real estate agents a competitive advantage in securing clients top dollar and emerging as the go-to expert on the area’s lifestyle and amenities. In short, being relentlessly local is best for our agents and our clients.

Photography by Carrie Evans Photography.

Photography by Carrie Evans Photography.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: How does your motto translate into how The Brokery, as a business, is operated?
Bortman & Blalock: Our motto informs everything The Brokery does. It’s why we have a brick-and-mortar office in the heart of each neighborhood we serve, including Arcadia, Biltmore, Central Phoenix, and, most recently, Scottsdale. We believe in having an approachable, neighborhood-friendly presence to become a part of the fabric of the community. *Watch the video below to take a virtual tour of their offices with Tucker.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
Oleg Bortman: I love being able to help my clients bring their real estate dreams to life, and I deeply enjoy coaching the agents on my team. It’s rewarding to watch my colleagues grow, build wealth for their families, and achieve their professional goals.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: It’s easy to see why The Brokery was voted one of the Top 100 Places to Work in Arizona. Can you share the distinctive elements of The Brokery’s culture that earned you this esteemed accolade?
Bortman & Blalock: We’ve created a culture of collaboration to ensure our agents feel supported and poised for success in their work. Mentorship is a part of The Brokery’s identity. And, as leaders, we set an example of sharing resources, vicarious experiences, and knowledge with one another – and encourage others to do the same. We also have talented support staff that assists agents with everything from sales coaching to marketing design and transaction file management.


“As a native of Arcadia, it brings me joy to serve the residents of the community that raised me.”

Tucker Blalock, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of The Brokery


The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: Over the past few years, the Valley has been one of the hottest markets in the country. But this seems to be changing as the real estate market cools across the nation. What – in your expert opinion – does this mean for homeowners in our community?
Bortman & Blalock: As the market continues to evolve, sellers and buyers will need to temper their expectations, understanding that past results are not indicative of future returns. In this uncertain time of Federal Reserve tightening and increasing inventory, homes will not continue to offer returns of 10+ percent. Rather than yelling, “Fire!” we see this as a healthy break as the market digests the extreme conditions that infused volatility into housing prices over the past couple of years. The housing market will feel slower in the interim, which is totally okay. We expect Phoenix real estate to remain resilient and continue to appreciate, albeit with lower single-digit gains.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: What does this mean for The Brokery?
Bortman & Blalock: The next phase will call for increased workload for real estate agents. Agents will need dynamic marketing power and deep relationships to help their clients’ homes stand out in a more crowded marketplace. We were in this business before the Phoenix metropolitan real estate market boomed, so we understand the time, patience, and tactics required to sell a property in a slower, more balanced market. We have also established a reputation within the local community and our clients trust in the consistent results we’ve provided over the years.


“We were in this business before the Phoenix metropolitan real estate market boomed, so we understand the time, patience, and tactics required to sell a property in a slower, more balanced market.”

Oleg Bortman, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of The Brokery


The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: Undoubtedly, community runs deep in the heart of The Brokery. Switching gears slightly, are there any local organizations or charities important to you?
Bortman & Blalock: We’ve both served on the board of Fresh Start Women’s Organization.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: And, finally, we have to ask. You are local experts, after all. What are a few of your favorite local spots and experiences you recommend to clients?
Bortman & Blalock: Great question! For dining, we love to recommend Postino, LGO, and Sushi 32. For wine, Tarbell’s Wine Store. For shopping, we frequent Jade & Clover and urbAna. To get outside, we love to explore Castle Hot Springs or head to Herberger Park for Pickleball. And we always look forward to Fresh Start’s Annual Charity Golf Classic.

Selling or buying, The Brokery is one of Phoenix & Scottsdale’s premier brokerages. To learn more about working with The Brokery or view their available listings, reach out to Oleg (602-402-2296 | [email protected]) or Tucker (602-561-0445 | [email protected]) directly via phone or email. Don’t forget to follow along with our Scouted Listings series for the best of The Brokery’s real estate offerings. And, as always, tell them Scout sent you!