MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Story Essentials


A luxury lingerie boutique in the heart of Arcadia with an emphasis on helping clients find their perfect fit and celebrating individual beauty.

Owned by mother-daughter duo Jen Summers and Margie DeHaan, Story Essentials offers the most comfortable, empowering shopping experience. Stop in for a professional bra fitting and to browse their range of items from impeccably designed lingerie for the most special of occasions to loungewear and accessories.

Photo: Schultz Digital

Photo: Schultz Digital

Q & A

Jen Summers & Margie DeHaan, Owners

Q: What is the inspiration behind Story Essentials?

A: (Jen) I started in this industry purely by chance and discovered in person the reality that women face when trying to find bras that fit. The problem is that no woman is built the same, we are all unique in a variety of ways and that is what makes us incredible. When I discovered the limitations in the industry in terms of product and styles and experienced them personally, I knew I had to delve deeper into how to fix that within what the industry currently offered. That encouraged me to learn, to expand, and make sure that I never allowed women to feel that they were anything short of awesome.

I do this job because it is the driving force behind my confidence. Seeing a woman experience first hand what it feels like to truly own their body and find exceptionally special pieces of lingerie for themselves.

Seeing the switch flip where their feeling of empowerment is truly broadcast physically through the confidence they exude, the tears of joy they shed, the overwhelming smiles that radiate from their body. That transformation is why I do what I do. Their confidence empowers me.


Q: You went through a meaningful and successful rebrand recently. Tell us a bit about the new store name and we definitely want to know more about that intriguing slogan… Your Story. My Story. Our Story.

A: Story Essentials developed from a passion for helping women feel empowered and beautiful while embracing each unique season of their lives. As women, we are constantly evolving and changing. At Story Essentials, we strive to help women share their stories of confidence and beauty through stunning lingerie pieces.

My Story. Your Story. Our Story. – we are all incredibly unique as individuals and sharing our collective stories is a beautiful way to find unity amongst us all.


Q: We love your emphasis on body positivity at Story Essentials. Can you tell us about what aspects you consider when helping style and select lingerie for themselves or others?

A: We believe each woman is beautiful, no matter size, shape, or age. Finding items that help that woman embrace her physical body while mentally encouraging their confidence is the key to selecting perfect pieces. When we find an item that accentuates the body, feels wonderful, and fits perfectly, not only do we look great, but we also feel strong, beautiful and powerful and it shows immediately!

Photo: Fully Alive Photography

Photo: Fully Alive Photography

Q: Do you have a particular local organization or charity that’s close to your heart?

A: We donate and support the Sojourner Center.


Q: What do you love about running a business here in the Valley?

A: The people, the community support, and interacting with customers visiting from all our the country!


Q: What does your ideal local loving Valentine’s Day look like? Any favorites?

A: An ideal Valentine’s Day is take-out from LGO, a bottle of delicious red wine, and a fun little nightie for a date night at home by the fire!

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5053 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018