Member Spotlight: ROCO Luxury Homes

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Always a popular destination for weekend warriors and snowbirds, in the past several years, Phoenix and Scottsdale have experienced a massive influx of new residents, visitors who, like us, could fathom no reason to leave. This population explosion, however, has made navigating Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate increasingly challenging. In short, whether you’re a longtime local or a new resident, recruiting the most experienced real estate agent is essential.

Enter Libby Cohen, Julie Rohr, and Polly Wintergalen, the trio behind ROCO Luxury Homes. Boasting over 35 years of combined experience, Julie, Libby, and Polly offer discerning home buyers the expertise and connections essential to buying and selling luxury homes in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, The Biltmore, and Phoenix — no matter the market.

Individually, Libby and Julie are some of Arizona’s top producing agents (think top 1% of all realtors in the state), the partnership gives the ROCO Luxury Homes clients an unprecedented edge. Connection, in fact, seems to be at the heart of ROCO Luxury Homes, whether it’s to each other, their clients, or their community. “It’s our friendship that sets us apart. We were friends and colleagues before forming the partnership that is ROCO,” the ladies informs us. “Our team concept allows us to give the most attention to detail and create a custom experience tailored to each client.”

To understand how ROCO Luxury Homes achieves a white-glove experience throughout every transaction, we chatted with Libby, Julie, and Polly. Hint: it has something to do with a Rolodex that runs deep, a hands-on approach, and, in Julie’s case, a passion for golf.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Libby, Julie, and Polly, we are thrilled to Scout ROCO Luxury Homes for The Scout Guide Phoenix. Before forming ROCO Luxury Homes, you were all top-producing agents in Arizona. What inspired you to join forces? 
Libby Cohen: The partnership came together very organically. Several years ago, my sister Polly joined me at Walt Danley Realty. By the time she joined me, Julie and I had worked together on several transactions. We began to collaborate more frequently and, when it came time for a change in brokerages, we joined RETSY as a team. And thus, ROCO Luxury Homes was formed in 2019.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: How did you choose the name for your team?
Julie Rohr: It’s the combination of two of our names, Rohr and Cohen. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Since inception, ROCO Luxury Homes has been incredibly successful — in 2021 alone ROCO Luxury Homes did 100 million dollars in real estate to land you in the top 1% of Arizona agents. What about the partnership allows you to be successful?
Polly Wintergalen: I think it’s our friendship that sets us apart. We were friends and colleagues before forming our partnership. There’s a “fun factor” that makes what we do for a living a pleasure.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: There’s also an impressive resumé behind each of you that complements your respective years in the real estate industry. Let’s chat about that… Julie, how did you get into real estate?
Julie Rohr: I grew up with a keen awareness of the importance of home. My father built a successful residential construction company, and I spent my youth surrounded by house plans and building materials, experiences which come in handy as a realtor today. After attending Augsburg University, I started a career in marketing research, which taught me how to be an independent third party. After a brief time away from the workforce, I served as Executive Director of the Opperman Foundation, an opportunity which introduced me to dignitaries like Supreme Court Justices. When my family and I moved to Arizona nearly 20 years ago, I was struck by the beauty of our desert environment and the thriving community. The transition into real estate was natural. And, after successfully representing both buyer and seller in a 30-day closing of my first listing — valued at $2,500,000 — I was hooked! 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: You’ve put down some impressive roots, especially around the Valley’s fabulous golf courses…
Julie Rohr: Yes! I’m originally from Minnesota, so I understand the unique needs of buyers relocating or purchasing a second home here in the Valley. I enjoy being able to share my wealth of knowledge about the community to guide them to the neighborhood that will best suit their lifestyles. As for my knowledge of local courses… I’ve been an avid golfer for 30-plus years, which has afforded me quite a detailed knowledge of the Valley’s private and public clubs. It’s especially rewarding to guide fellow enthusiasts.  

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Libby and Polly, our readers might not know that you’re not only native Phoenicians but sisters, too.
Polly Wintergalen: Libby and I are born and bred Arizonans. We grew up in Arcadia, attended Arcadia High School, and graduated from the University of Arizona. My passion for real estate — and sharing the community that raised me — was ignited when my husband and I purchased our first home in Arcadia 29 years ago. That experience inspired me to open a home staging company which, in turn, introduced me to top Phoenix-area Realtors®️. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Libby, how did you get into the industry?
Libby Cohen: My real estate career began in 2005 when my then neighbor, the real estate icon Nancy Nashban, encouraged me to get my license. I worked with Nancy until she moved to San Miguel de Allende, then joined Walt Danley’s team, where I worked for almost 15 years. It was at Walt Danley that I met Julie, actually!

Photographed by Scott Foust Studio.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: It sounds meant to be, especially considering how well your backgrounds complement one another’s. What does that look like for clients?
Julie Rohr: Our team structure not only allows us to be available to our clients 24/7, it has empowered us to offer a truly concierge real estate experience to clients, whether they’re buying or selling. Between the three of us — and the rest of our team — we can execute an exceptional level of detail and tailor the experience to each transaction. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: What kind of details?
Libby Cohen: After living in the Valley for decades, we’ve developed relationships with the best of the best in home experts. We facilitate everything for our clients, from consultations with designers and home stagers to professional organizers and licensed contractors or handymen. For example, as a former owner of a home staging company and prolific home remodeler, Polly has a keen understanding of what’s required to sell a home and a grand vision for every home she shows. And because even the most immaculate homes need a little shush, we happily oversee all maintenance and staging before listing. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Speaking of your deep roots (again), what is it like to work with newcomers to our the Valley?
Libby Cohen: Being a Phoenix Native, I’m well versed in the choicest neighborhoods of Arcadia, Paradise Valley, and downtown Phoenix. And I think I speak for all of us when I say that it’s so rewarding to share our love of the Valley — its healthy lifestyle, prolific activities, and beautiful landscapes — with others. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Beyond introducing (or reintroducing) clients to the Valley, what is the most rewarding part of your work?
Polly Wintergalen: Every opportunity to help clients achieve their real estate goals — whether that includes buying, selling, or both — is incredibly rewarding. But I hold a special place in my heart for first-time home buyers. There’s nothing like being part of the excitement of purchasing a home for the first time!

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Your clientele, while focused on luxury real estate transactions, runs the gamut.
Julie Rohr: Absolutely. In addition to our daily buyer/seller transactions, we’re working with builders and developers to help them identify great investments properties.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: What advice would you give to give to potential clients?
Libby Cohen: It’s simple and straightforward: whenever you are buying or selling a home, use a professional realtor who knows the market.

Photographed by Scott Foust Studio.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: As it would be an understatement to say every member of the ROCO Luxury Homes team knows the Phoenix and Scottsdale market, let’s chat about the specifics of our market. Specifically, what you love about living and working in the Valley…
Libby Cohen: There’s so much to love about the Valley — from our healthy lifestyle to our sunny climate, the incredible culinary offerings to the vibrant art scene, easy access to fabulous hiking to seamless indoor/outdoor living! Personally, I also love being close to family and sneaking away to Flagstaff for cooler temps during the summer. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Your love of the Valley is palpable. And we know this love has inspired extensive work in support of our community. Can you speak to the causes you support?
Libby Cohen: It’s so essential for us to give back, and we support a number of charities collectively and individually. For example, Polly is a loyal supporter of Chemo Companions, a non-profit coordinating emotional support through a network of trained volunteers at chemo lounges. I support the Heard Museum — which showcases the Native American heritage essential to Arizona’s history — The Phoenix Heart Ball — which raises more money for The American Heart Association than any other in the country — and The Master Gardeners Program. As an avid gardener, it’s so rewarding to share my passion for gardening with elementary school children in the program. It’s a privilege to serve — whether it’s our clients or our community at large. 



Dining: Christopher’s
Drinking: Hanny’s
Shopping: Scottsdale Fashion Square
Gifting: Valerianne
Activities: Exploring new hiking trails with friends
Event: Arizona Tennis Classic


Dining: Steak 44 | Tarbell’s | Francine for Lunch | Vincent’s for a romantic evening
Shopping: The Linen Tree | The Paper Place


Dining: Nook Kitchen in Arcadia
Drinking: Steak 44
Shopping: Bungalow Furniture
Activities: Biking through Arcadia with husband, Ed
Event: Holiday High Tea at The Phoenician

View ROCO Luxury Homes’s current exclusive luxury listings here and learn more working with Julie, Libby, and Polly by reaching out directly via phone or email and tell them Scout sent you!

Libby Cohen: 602-291-1446 | [email protected]
Julie Rohr: 602-317-5667 | [email protected]
Polly Wintergalen: 602-320-1850 | [email protected]

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