Member Spotlight: Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry

Integral to The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale’s mission is telling the stories behind the small businesses Scouted in each Volume. The story begins in print and continues online, after all. And so, as we prepare to launch Volume 2, we are thrilled to kick off our story-telling mission with Member Spotlights…

Photo by Carl Schultz of Schultz Digital

Meet Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry, a high-tech, relationship-based practice committed to listening to patients and delivering quality dentistry. Boasting over 60 combined years of experience, the husband wife duo, Dr. Diana Deidan and Dr. Gregg Monterosso are bringing big, beautiful smiles to the Valley.

The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: We are thrilled to welcome you to Volume 2 of The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale. To start, let’s chat about what inspired you both to pursue dentistry…
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: We became dentists to provide the same kind of excellent care we received as patients long before we went to dental school. It’s so rewarding to enhance the lives of our patients, empowering them to smile with confidence.

The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: Can you share a little bit about the journey of opening a practice in the Valley?
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: In 2019, we moved to the Valley from New York City. While in NYC, we operated cosmetic practices favored by high-profile clients like actors, celebrities, and politicians. These types of clients demanded and required excellence, as they appeared in front of cameras regularly. Our move to the Valley was born from a desire for warmer climates and an eagerness to translate our cosmetic dentistry to new parts of our country.

The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry is a fabulous cosmetic practice. In what other areas do you specialize?
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: Our practice includes all areas of dentistry. From dental implants to Invisalign, preventive care to restorative dentistry, Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry is, well, a comprehensive dental practice. We also offer Botox and cosmetic facial fillers that enhance all of your facial and dental cosmetic needs.

Photo by Carl Schultz of Schultz Digital

Photo by Carl Schultz of Schultz Digital

The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: How would you best describe your approach to patient care?
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: At Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry, we strive to make the dental experience a comfortable and happy one. We are informed by the desire to treat our patients as we would like to be treated. Our goal is to hear our patients tell us that coming to our office is the best dental experience that they have ever had.

The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: Can you share some advice for those looking for a cosmetic or restorative dentist? What should they look for in a provider?
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: We would encourage clients to consider the following: Am I going to be treated differently than I have ever been treated before? Is my provider going to listen to me and my concerns? So many have negative dental experiences and it’s our priority to ensure our patients only have positive experiences. Because of this common experience, we prioritize patient-doctor communication.


“Our goal is to hear our patients tell us that coming to our office is the best dental experience that they have ever had.”


The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: It’s clear that our community is lucky to have a resource such as Phoenix Comprehensive Dental. Can you share what you love about living and working in the Valley.
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: We love living so close to our office. In New York, we would commute into the City by train. And as much as we loved the City, it made life very challenging. We love living so close, as it allows us to see patients all day and get home quickly to home our 12 year old.

The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: We’re so thrilled to welcome you two! Do you have any local favorites?
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: Absolutely! We love eating Tarbell’s and Buck & Rider, playing golf at Phoenix Country Club, and hiking Camelback and Piestewa Peak!

The Scout Phoenix & Scottsdale: Finally, we always love to ask our Members about the organizations near and dear to their hearts. Can you share yours?
Phoenix Comprehensive Dental: We love supporting the Phoenix Heart Ball and ASPCA

We are so thrilled that Phoenix Comprehensive Dentistry has joined Volume 2 of The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale. Learn more about Dr. Deidan and Dr. Monterosso, their practice, and their services here. And don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!