The Personalized Solutions team designs creative methods to connect and engage businesses and non-profits with their customers through digital outreach and incredible events.

Services include: Digital Marketing + PR + Commercial Video + Podcast Creation + Event Planning.

Photo credit: Schultz Digital

Photo credit: Schultz Digital

Q & A

Jessica Leila Adnani, Owner

 Q. What inspired you to begin your business?

A: Upon graduating the government was on a hiring freeze (my intended career path) and therefore I decided to take the leap to start my own business based on my passions vs my educational pursuits. I had nothing to lose besides student loans and 10 years later, here we are with a thriving nationwide business that has grown in ways I never could have expected. When passion fuels you, the opportunities truly are endless.

 Q. Tell us about your team and their areas of specialties within your business. 

 A. Kendal is a detail guru. She truly is the most talented at making sure everything is done and at the highest level possible. She creates all of the processes we follow for each vertical of our business, and that really helps us deliver efficiently and effectively for our clients. 

 Sean is the most skilled at being able to take a project and creatively drive it to the next level. His creative sense is one of a kind and his energy and creative process is a perfect balance to Kendal. 

 I personally find my strength to be finding our next big opportunities, networking strategically, and having our vision of growth at the forefront of my mind. Kendal and Sean help me execute the visions I have and so far, it’s been an amazing 2021 together. 

 Q.  We’ve noticed you have some exciting plans for growth.  Mind sharing a bit about what is on the horizon for your team?

 A. We are actively launching our digital marketing and event planning verticals in TEXAS! Since January, Leila has been splitting her time between Scottsdale and Dallas and we are proud to say that we’ve officially landed our first Texas client. A tech company based out of Houston with offices in Dallas and Austin. We are also connected to TSG Dallas + Ft. Worth, we love our TSG network and enjoy starting with them as we continue to expand. 

 Q. Can you share with us a few of your local favorites?

Restaurants: Ocean 44 & Farm & Craft (near our office and our go-to for client meetings), LGO for EVERYTHING.

Coffee: Sip & LGO

Workout: Onyx Boxing 

Services: Hair by Jennifer Watson at Salon Four8Zero 

Q. Do you have a particular local organization or charity that’s close to your heart?


Q. Tell us about a milestone you’ve celebrated or will be celebrating?

A. Season 1 of our Philanthropy United Podcast just ended on 6.30.21 and we are excited to launch Season 2 on September 1st! 

Q. What would you like our TSG community to know about you/your business?

A. We are incredibly hands-on and focused on communication, detail, and strategy. Our clients are like family and we never stop working to make sure they are truly thrilled with their results. We also understand the demands of being a small business owner or nonprofit founder and wanting to DIY everything yet not being able to get it all done at the level you’d like which is why we truly want to help others grow and succeed. 

Q. What do you love about living and working here in the Valley?

A. The people in Arizona are hands down the most friendly, welcoming, and loving. I’ve lived all across the USA and I’ve never found a state that loves and welcomes its transplants quite like Arizona. We also have the most incredible healthy food scene which I appreciate to the max. There is nothing more important than how we take care of ourselves and AZ makes that easy!


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Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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