MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Camelback Flowershop


If modern-minimal and flowershop-greenhouse had a lovechild, Camelback Flowershop would be her. They specialize in using mostly locally grown florals for their arrangements that are updated daily on their “same-day delivery” website. Details are their superpower and you can see it throughout the shop while walking through copious amounts of fresh flowers, well-curated home objects, and tasty gifts.

Photo: Schultz Digital

Photo: Schultz Digital

Q & A

Teresa Wilson, Owner

Q: Tell us about a milestone you’ll be celebrating?

A: This year will be our 18th year open for business. As a business owner who’s also a full-time mother, I’m even more excited that this is also the first year all of my children are going to the same school.


Q: What are some of your local favorites?


Ruze Cake House

Maple Phoenix

Tennen Studio

Provision Coffee

Pizzeria Bianco

Eat Clean Phx

Monsoon Chocolate

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Q: What do you love about running a business here in Phoenix/Scottsdale?

A: When we first opened, the Valley took us in with open arms and has stuck by us ever since. It’s always been our intention to build authentic relationships with our community. For us, it goes beyond florals, when you walk through our doors, you become apart of our family.

Q: Do you have a particular organization or charity that’s close to your heart?

A: Free Arts of Arizona, Desert Botanical Garden, & Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer

“Love at Dusk”

“Love at Dusk”

Q: This year’s special Valentine’s Day collection is gorgeous with some offerings that go way beyond traditional roses. Can you share a bit about some of the options and what makes them so special?

A: When gathering inspiration for this year’s collection we talked a lot about how and when the tradition of the 12 stem rose arrangement came to be THE Valentine’s Day pick. In most of our research and memories, we all thought it had to be around the 80s or 90s, which we love. However, we wanted to change that up and allow for more unique and curated arrangements that fit your loved one’s style.

Our moody arrangement titled “Love at Dusk” is boasting with beautiful white anthurium and dark maroon magnolia leaves, this one is a dramatic and sultry design. “Intentions” is not for the conventional or faint of heart–this one brings all of the drama. Our “Bespoke Love” is a classic and clean arrangement that will make you swoon. Filled with lush pink expression roses, delicate hydrangea, graceful tulips, and vibrant anemones. For those who love a classic all roses arrangement, we have our “Desert Jewel” arrangement. In its matte black vase, it is alluring and effortlessly elegant.



“Bespoke Love”

“Bespoke Love”

“Desert Jewel”

“Desert Jewel”

Q: What does your ideal local loving Valentine’s Day look like? Any favorites? If so, please share what they may be!

A: Hmmm… For a flower shop owner that ideal day/night may look a little different. For me personally, takeout from one of our amazing local restaurants such as Pizzeria Bianco, Tratto, Glai Baan, FnB, Restaurant Progress, and so many others. Check out our Instagram in the coming days as we’ll be sharing our picks. Good food surrounded by my amazing family–all cozied up by the fireplace. And of course, some really good chocolate.

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4214 E. Indian School Road, Suite 101
Phoenix, Arizona 85018