Photographer Spotlight: Scott Foust Studios

Integral to The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale’s mission is telling the stories behind the small businesses Scouted in each Volume. The story begins in print and continues online, after all. As you peruse Volume 2, we are thrilled to continue our story-telling mission with Contributor Spotlights.

Helmed by Scott Foust, the eponymous Phoenix-based photography studio is an invaluable photographic resource for the Valley – and The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale. When setting out to Scout the Valley, Editor Sasha Clements knew the talented photographer and was delighted to connect with Scott following the launch of Volume 1. Over coffee and conversation, the two agreed to collaborate on photography for the next issue of The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale.

Hundreds of gorgeous images printed across tens of thousands of guides later, the sentiment remains. And whether you’re capturing one of life’s – or business’s – great moments, Scott Foust Studios delivers magical photographic moments. Just peruse the pages of Volume 2 to see how the masterful visual storyteller captured the personalities of the people behind some of the most beloved local businesses.

With talented photographers, assistants, videographers, graphic designers, and retouch artists on the team, Scott Foust Studios is an easy choice for advertising, commercial, and editorial photography. And whether it’s for commissioned portraits or events, Scott lends his eye and decades of expertise to every step of the creative process. We’re thrilled to have Scott return as part of the creative team for Volume 3.

Recently, we turned the [figurative] lens on the photographer himself to chat about his creativity, inspiration, and his quintessential ability to realize his client’s vision.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: What inspired you to pursue a career in photography?
Scott Foust: My mother taught painting and introduced me to the art at a very young age. My dad introduced me to photography when I was 12 years old. I never looked back.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: What aspect of the work do you find most fulfilling?
Scott Foust: I find the opportunity to work with people the most fulfilling. I love creating an experience with them and how rewarding it is to create an image they love.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: As an entrepreneur and creative, what is your ‘why?’
Scott Foust: I’m motivated when someone reaches out to me to let me know they enjoyed the experience and, more importantly, the photos I captured of them.

Photography courtesy of Scott Foust.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: You have decades of experience. What are your essential elements for a good photoshoot?
Scott Foust: Every photoshoot is a team effort. And it’s essential that everyone involved is on the same page, especially regarding what the end result should look and feel like.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: How do you stay inspired?
Scott Foust: I love scrolling through Instagram to see what the younger talent is doing.

InFocus_Framedby Ewe_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgArtstudio101_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn (1).jpgCorneliaPark_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgRocoLuxuryGroup_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgTheHeartBall_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgCelebrateLikeaLocal_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn (1).jpgInFocus_Framedby Ewe_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgArtstudio101_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn (1).jpgCorneliaPark_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgRocoLuxuryGroup_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgTheHeartBall_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn.jpgCelebrateLikeaLocal_Phoenix&Scottsdale_V2_AsSeenIn (1).jpg

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: While your career began prior to the digital era, social media now reigns supreme. What is it like to see your photos in print publications like The Scout Guide?
Scott Foust: It’s incredibly rewarding. I feel so proud.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: As a photographer, what attracted you to the Valley?
Scott Foust: Like many before me, the geography, lighting, and weather, which make for stunning backdrops.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale: Do you have any favorite places to shoot?
Scott Foust: Of course! Favorite include my studio, Desert Botical Gardens, The Phoenician Resort, Silverleaf, Arizona Science Center (outside), and the Valley’s many stunning private residences.

Scott Foust Studios specializes in meeting a breadth of photographic needs: from fine art family portraits and graduation photos to corporate events and commercial shoots. Undoubtedly, it is Scott’s unique commitment to understanding his clients (and their vision) combined with fabulous artistic expertise that facilitates this impressive breadth. To learn more about working with Scott and his team for your personal or professional photographic needs, reach out to his team here. And don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!