A Summertime Sip & Scout

At The Scout Guide, the story begins in print and continues online. Yet, even in our increasingly digital world, we believe the story must also be told in person. Which is why we relish any opportunity to gather with our community of entrepreneurs, creatives, thought leaders, and doers. The tech-savvy 21st century world of networking, video-chatting, liking and sharing can be wonderfully connective, but somehow pales in comparison to face to face interaction. This feeling is especially poignant whenever we depart an event designed or hosted by one of the Valley’s incredibly talented entertaining experts… 

On the heels of our April 2022 launch of The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale Volume 2, we had the pleasure of connecting Scouted Members, Bonner David Galleries and PS Creative, to help us host another network event. 

The gathering, a Summertime Sip & Scout, was a proper Scout Guide affair brought to life by the ministrations of Scouted members. Graciously, Christi Bonner Manuelto and Clark David of Bonner David Galleries agreed to host fellow members, local artists, and artisans in their beautiful Old Town Gallery. And, with the choice location secured, PS Creative’s Leila Adnani, Kendal Macumber, and Sean Kyte set to work coordinating the event’s details. 

Identifying choice vendors for the gathering was simple. PS Creative tapped fellow Volume 2 Members for the essentials: Tarbell’s for light bites and beverages and Camelback Flowershop for florals. With a backdrop such as Bonner David Galleries, little else was needed to create the perfect setting, afterall. 

The turnout was a testament to our local business community’s eagerness to connect with one another. And, as the evening carried on, it was clear that when Scouted Members collaborate magic happens. 

As with all TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale events, it was such a delight to bring the Valley’s prodigious talent together to produce a stunning event and, perhaps more delightful, to provide an excuse for the best and brightest in Phoenix and Scottsdale to mix, mingle, and make new, meaningful connections. 

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