25 Pieces to Pack for a Warm-Weather Getaway

Originally published by The Scout Guide on February 11, 2022.

Even the most devoted fans of winter usually start daydreaming about warmer days come February. If chilly temperatures (or snowstorms) have you counting down the days until spring, a little wardrobe refresh can do wonders for brightening up your mindset. To prepare you for a getaway, The Scout Guide rounded up 25 pieces that are perfect for packing in your warm-weather getaway bag – including a find from a local favorite. Whether you have a trip to a tropical paradise planned in the near future or are simply looking forward to saying goodbye to your sweaters for the season, this bright, breezy, and beautiful look will have you feeling instantly transported. Read on for our local favorite and find more pieces to pack here.


The ocean-ready pant

PATBO STARGAZER JUTE TRIM PANT // Available for purchase online from Amy Atelierin Scottsdale Arizona.