Scouted Realtor: Meet Jade Henderson, of the Marie Henderson Group

With The Scout Guide we always strive to seek out professionals within each business category who go above and beyond, are highly respected within their community. Business owners and active individuals within their communities who are recognized as highly distinctive and well-regarded professionals within their line of work. When it comes to Real Estate, one of those teams would be the wonderful team, Marie Henderson Group of Compass Real Estate. This month we’re introducing you to Jade Henderson of the Marie Henderson Group and opening up a small window into her world of real estate and beyond.

What do you love most about being a realtor?

I love helping families see the potential in a house and how they can make it the right fit for them. I love discussing how they will live in the home and how they imagine themselves in the space. When the kids come and see the house for the first time and pick out their rooms, it’s fascinating to be a part of that process. No matter how long it takes for them to find the right place, this is what I love about real estate.

What would you say your clients love most about working with you?

I think they would say that I genuinely care about them and their families. I am patient in helping them to find the home that suits them best. Many buyers come into the process with high expectations, and it takes a while for those expectations to temper as they browse the market.

I think a lot of realtors also want to have the answer to everything, and many of them provide the wrong information. If I don’t know the answer to one of my client’s questions, I will say I don’t know and go to the appropriate resource to find out. I’m lucky to work with my mom, who has over 20 years of experience and has been through many different real estate transactions. In addition, Marie Henderson Group has many contacts and resources in other fields between real estate attorneys, mortgage professionals, and many client relationships in various areas. The benefit to the client is that I can find the correct answer if I don’t know the answer given my resources.

What’s a fun tid bit that you could share with us that people wouldn’t necessarily know about you?

After I graduated college, I moved to Los Angeles and worked for Entertainment Tonight as a production assistant. I worked 12-hour shifts, and it was so hard! I saw a lot of my work on TV every night, which was thrilling, but I found LA to be lonely so I moved back east to D.C after four months. In D.C, I was one of Obama’s first interns. I worked in the then vice president’s office, Joe Biden. I also worked under President Obama’s social secretary, where I planned things like congressional events on the south lawn and the easter egg roll. This was probably one of the best experiences of my life, and it was equally a lot of fun as much as it was challenging work. Shortly after I got married, I started a clothing store, Jasmin & Orchid, which I owned and operated for seven years in Wayne.

A local girl at heart, which schools did you attend growing up and beyond?

I am indeed a local girl! I went to Springside School which is now SCH – Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. After graduating, I went on to attend Villanova University!

What town do you call home these days in the Philadelphia region?

I grew up in Villanova and moved to Blue Bell. After a few years and experiences, my husband and I moved back here, and we currently live in Blue Bell with our two children. Jasmine who is seven, and Corey who is 4.

What’s your latest go-to restaurant these days that you and your family are loving?

We LOVE Boston Style Pizza in Wynnewood and North Wales. The pizza is out of this world, and it’s very family friendly!

Thank you, Jade for sharing a small window into your professional world and personal/family life. If anyone is looking for a home to either buy, sell and/or rent, we know the Marie Henderson Group of Compass Real Estate has a strong finger on the pulse of the Philadelphia and suburban real estate markets. We absolutely adore the Marie Henderson Group and feel honored to have them a part of our TSG network! When you contact them, be sure to say Scout sent you!

Marie Henderson Group

Jade Henderson – 202.550.7304