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Meet TSG member Debbie A. Feeser, a lead esthetician and skin-care educator at AME Salon and Spa. Debbie has been an esthetician for over 30 years and provides a wealth of knowledge and experience on all facets regarding skincare related topics. Prior to working at AME Salon & Spa, Debbie was an educator at Aveda, Cellex-C, Comfort Zone, Murad, and also completed the prestigious Preston Wynne Spa Director Certification course. So it was only natural for us to sit down with Debbie as we kick off Memorial Day weekend and learn more about how we can take good care of our skin during these warmer months, and what technological procedures we should know about to have our skin glowing through these summer days ahead!

What de-aging therapies and services are on the cusp of medical technology that you are most excited about providing to your clients these days?

It’s hard not to get excited about the cutting edge ProCell Therapy Treatment. On the cusp of a medical procedure, this microneedle channeling treatment has virtually no down time with immense stem cell therapy benefits. Added to this, I love the entire HydraFacial process. Vacuuming impurities, infusing serums to either lighten, stimulate or plump out wrinkles simultaneously is poetry in motion. Alpha-Beta peels are always one of my skincare obsessions as well. You can’t go wrong with any of these amazing treatments, and my clients have absolutely loved them!

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As we enter the summer months ahead, what are some of your key skin care recommendations to keep our skin glowing all summer long?

Hydrate your skin from the inside out with plenty of fruit infused water. It’s extra beneficial and delicious. Bump up the amount of hydration because perspiration causes epidermal water loss. Use a face moisturizer containing Hyaluronic acid to plump it up. Use plenty of SPF and apply it frequently. Always check the expiration date for effectiveness. Lastly, for those who prefer not being in the sun but want that summertime ‘glow,’ I love Dr. Dennis Gross Glow Pads for the Face and Body!

How often do you recommend people getting facials, and what is the most beneficial facial that you provide to your clients?

The perfect scenario is every 4 to 6 weeks depending on your skin’s condition. HydraFacial is best for those who want pain free extractions, supreme hydration, retexturizing and firming peptides that are infused into the skin through the handpiece. This results-oriented treatment works wonders on my clients! Traditional facials are also greatly beneficial and relaxing on a regular basis. Overall, facials are a fabulous treatment to incorporate into your lifestyle consistently as it’s a proactive approach to anti-aging.

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Can you embellish a bit on the benefits of ProCell and why this treatment has become the hottest service for your clients these days?

ProCell Therapy is state of the art in the field of clinical esthetics. By using a special handheld device with tiny needle tips that make micro channels on the skin, it allows the unique stem cell therapy to absorb deeply, heal the skin and promote the rebuild of collagen. This tightens and re-surfaces the skin. There is very little downtime of about 90 minutes where your complexion appears rosy and a little plump. The results are incredibly impressive!

What do you enjoy most about being a lead esthetician and educator at AME Salon and Spa?  

It is very gratifying to know that I can share my experience and give advice to clients who need help with their skin conditions and to those professionals entering the field of Esthetics. Helping those who have the same love of the industry whether in the facial chair or behind it, is a beautiful exchange of knowledge and self-care. It has been an AMEzing experience working at AME Salon & Spa filled with lasting friendships and treasured memories with my colleagues and clients. Equally, I love the anticipation of future ‘face age solutions’ that are always around the bend.  

We are so proud to have Debbie Feeser as our skin expert for The Scout Guide Main Line and Philadelphia. We would highly recommend her expertise and services any day of the week at AME Salon and Spa. So let’s get our skin glowing to look our best this summer!  

 To book an appointment with Debbie, email at: [email protected] or call AME Salon and Spa: 610.995.2631


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Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Your Editor,

Laurie M. Wightman