Pawlished Accents

tsg-animal-legs-Catherine-Macfee_animal-leg-table-bolinas-artist-retreat-Bolinas_Breakfast-Table-800x1000Here at The Scout Guide, we adore animals. In fact, it is unusual to arrive at our office and not be greeted by a wagging tail. This affection carries over into our decor, with rustic and antique animal-inspired accents and furnishings, like the above table in the room by San Francisco-based Catherine Macfee, always landing among our favorites.

tsg-animal-legs-Mary-Jo-Bochner-SAV-lion-sentinelFew things make us happier when we walk into a home than a well-placed sentinel. The regal lion in the above space designed by Savannah-based Mary Jo Bochner is just the type of classic, watchful companion we can get behind. Patinaed heads, finely wrought paws, elegantly shaped legs, and intricately carved claws add so much interest to a piece and infuse rooms with a wonderfully wild and whimsical sensibility, we couldn’t resist rounding up some of our favorites available throughout the TSG network:


1. Equestrian Lamps from LUM //  2. Roman side table from Neirmann Weeks //  3. 18th C. Carved French Cow from Caroline Faison Antiques //  4. Pair of Swedish gilded torchieres, rounded top surmounted with petal leaves, fluted wood neck on carved tripod animal paw feet from Coup D’etat //  5. Vintage cast stone shepherd from Revival //  6. “Jack” chair from And George //  7. Animal leg stool from GDC home //  8. Pair of hand carved wooden lions’ heads from French door surround, circa 1830 from Found

tsg-animal-accents-Caroline-Faison-AntiquesAnyone in the market for anything beautiful and unique (and who isn’t?) will love the carefully curated selections at Greensboro’s Caroline Faison Antiques, which always include plenty of animal accents.