About TSG Palm Beach Editor Mary Monell
Mary Monell was born in Manhattan, but grew up in Palm Beach, and a piece of her heart has always stayed there—even when she lived half a world away.

After graduating from Georgetown University, Mary spent eight years in design and communications, most recently serving as Director of Communications & Membership for The Lobkowicz Collections in Prague, Czech Republic. She moved back to the United States in January 2013, and soon after a position with The Scout Guide Palm Beach fell into Mary’s lap.

The decision to become part of the TSG Palm Beach team was an easy one; Mary’s mother has always been a small business owner, and the example of entrepreneurship was set early on.

Mary believes that small businesses form the engine of the American economy, and that local business owners are the greatest contributors to local economies. The opportunity to create a book that would highlight the incredible and unique work of her neighbors was, quite simply, irresistible.

Mary’s Three Favorite Reasons to Visit Palm Beach:

  1. Sun and Sea. “The summer is unbelievably hot, but between October and May, South Florida has the most beautiful weather in the country. Palm Beach County becomes an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, and the options are endless: you can swim, bike, run, walk, horseback ride, surf, paddleboard, sail, fish, you name it! And there is nothing quite like being able to unwind from the day on the terrace of a favorite restaurant—in the middle of February.”
  2. The Diversity of Place. “There is a wealth of wonderful towns to be discovered here. From laidback Jupiter in the north and the always-happening Delray Beach in the south, to the wide-open fields of Wellington in the west and the beach town loveliness of Palm Beach proper in the east. Along the way, you’ll learn about Henry Morrison Flagler (the 19th-century industrialist responsible for developing the east coast of Florida), discover the architecture of legends like Addison Mizner, Maurice Fatio, John Volk, and Marion Sims Wyeth, and experience the singularity of a little taste of Europe in the United States.”
  3. TSG Palm Beach. “You’ll find dozens of incredible reasons in a beautiful (and very portable) aqua book!”

Words Mary Lives By:
“It really doesn’t get much better than the Golden Rule!”