Top 10 Businesses on our vol. 10 wish list!


I am SO excited to celebrate A DECADE of The Scout Guide Palm Beach with you!! Over the past year, we’ve been scouting the best of local for Volume 10, but are still looking for a few businesses to join the TSG family! I’m sharing my wish list with you to make this volume our best one yet! Tell your neighbor, tell your boss, tell a friend; please help me make our 10th anniversary the ultimate guide to the very best local businesses in Palm Beach!

I’m wishing for these types of businesses to feature in Volume 10:

Transportation : From automotive to private aviation, let’s us know who you trust with your travels and getting around town!

Art Gallery – Palm Beach has become the premier destination for some of the country’s most sought after galleries. Where do you like to buy your art?

Paper Goods – Who should design a beautiful invitation for our 10 year soiree? 

Map Artist – We love celebrating local artists and artisans who can capture all the special places in Palm Beach! , I need an artist who can show everyone how to get around town! 

Big Local Business – I am looking for a sponsor for our special ‘Palm Beach by the numbers” page so we can share more about the history of Palm Beach County!

Restaurants & Bars – Visitors from other Scout Guide cities are always asking for our recommendations, so which ones belong at the top of our list?

Doctors, Dermatologists & Plastic Surgeons- With all that time in the sun and an everlasting desire to find that fountain of youth, who do Palm Beachers trust with their skin?

Children’s Activities- Young families are moving to south florida in never before seen numbers , it’s no secret that Palm Beach is no longer just for retiring and escaping the winter weather…Let us know how you keep the little ones entertained!

Beauty – Who are your favorite salons, spas, fitness studios, wellness centers, and other places to escape, relax and recharge ?

Bakery – Let’s make a grand cake for our grand anniversary! Which one rises to the top?

And our wishlist doesn’t stop there – the sky’s the limit when it comes to the types of businesses we feature! Email me your recommendations or fill out this form to learn more. Photoshoots are already underway…so the countdown is on!