The Ultimate Comeback: Rhythm & Hues' Tale of Resilience

You know that feeling when you stumble upon a place that’s truly special?

Yeah, we got that feeling – that overwhelming feeling when we stepped into Rhythm & Hues and had the most heartfelt conversation with owner, Courtney Palacios.

Now we are absolutely thrilled to shine a dazzling spotlight on this colorful world of happiness, where rainbows, melodies, and limitless inspiration come to life in the most vibrant hues imaginable.

Rhythm & Hues, the happiest place in town, has taken root in the heart of West Palm Beach under the guidance of the radiant Courtney Palacios, a true happiness creator and children’s advocate.

Emerging as the shining gold standard in childhood enrichment, Rhythm & Hues offers daily art and plays sessions, music and movement classes, infant soft play, instrument lessons, drop off programs, open play, birthday parties, and so much more within their center!

Courtney’s mission? To provide a place of joy for children, be at their center or out in the community. “At Rhythm & Hues, we establish a baseline of happiness and kindness, and the rest follows naturally,” she shares with genuine passion.  

Their unique approach empowers children to think outside the box, nurturing their individuality and promoting emotional well-being.

Whether participating in art sessions that spark young minds, engaging in rhythmic melodies that make hearts sing, or building forts that rival Windsor Castle – this is where young spirits find their rhythm and hues truly come to life!!

“They choose everything they do based on options that will invoke joy and creativity,” shares Courtney.

We’ve got the backstory on Rhythm & Hues – and guess what?! You’re the first to hear it!

Courtney’s journey is an inspiration in itself – from a high-powered executive standing out in the largest big box retailor and building multiple business to a visionary happiness creator.

Prior to establishing Rhythm & Hues, Courtney was missing the joy of motherhood and held the tagline for her future adventure in her heart:

“The first letter in each word of the tagline stands for Jacks, Ella and Courtney (my children’s names) – JOYFULLY EXPRESSING CREATIVITY – This is exactly what we became and spread daily in and out of the center!” said Courtney.

Courtney transformed an old stand-alone building on Dixie Hwy into a bright yellow building with a huge rainbow along the side – you know the one!

That’s Courtney for you – doing it BIG in her own unique style!

That’s the original story… but here’s the piece you haven’t heard yet…  

In 2020, Courtney’s life was dramatically changed forever when she was struck by a drunk driver, resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

“When I went from building the world’s largest children’s brand to barely making toast, from writing multi-million dollar deals to not being able to read, I realized that doing anything again meant I had to work hard from the core of it,” expressed Courtney. “I promised God that if he just would allow me to be a good mom again that I would sell all the businesses and assets, which is just what I did. God had other plans and gave me back a full speed Rhythm & Hues and a newfound mindset with purpose. I set out to change the world before and now I’m coming back stronger with that plan!”

Courtney didn’t just bounce back; she rocketed back with a spirit stronger than ever! Courtney, you’re a true superhero!!

This isn’t a solo act – it’s a trio of passion and purpose. Alongside her is, Jamie Klecha, Director of Program, and Yamille Lazo, Director of Operations.

Courtney says, “The story of Rhythm & Hues has three main characters and three very important voices of how we got here today. I created it. Jamie built it with me. Yamille rebuilt it for us both and the town. Now us three are building it for the world.”

Think about the Avengers, but with more glitter and laughter!

Courtney emerged from the depths of despair, determined to rebuild not just her life, but her dream too. With unwavering determination, Rhythm & Hues has made a triumphant comeback!  Or as Courtney and Yamille put it – a GLOW UP!!

“Having our city become a community right in front of me has been truly beautiful to watch and a dream come true as a mom raising a family here,” shared Courtney.

So here’s the scoop – Rhythm & Hues is located in The Shoppes at Palm Coast Plaza but this is a temporary location due to the future redevelopment of the plaza.

“When the brand and I experienced a tragedy that took us all off our rainbow, it was the community that rebuilt Rhythm & Hues.  I may have given them another space and opened the doors, but the overwhelming recognition (from parents in the community) that ‘this place matters and has to exist’ was nothing short of a miracle,” said Courtney with immense gratitude.

With an impressive network of 14 partnerships, you are sure to see Rhythm and Hues actively engaging in community events such as the West Palm Beach Green Market, TGIF festivities at The Square, gatherings at the Tanger Outlets and the Mall at Wellington Green, as well as an exciting upcoming event at the Riverwalk in Fort Lauderdale!!

Rhythm & Hues is sprinkling their magic across south Florida! “If you call us, we will come – It’s like the bat symbol!!” jokes Courtney referencing the signal that summons Batman.

But there’s more – SO much more!! Rhythm & Hues will be hosting West Palm Beach’s BIGGEST children’s event of the year, RAINBOWpalooza! 

Event Details: Saturday 30th, 11am – 7pm at The Square in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Charitable Focus: 100% of proceeds will go to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Rhythm & Hues aims to raise $100,000 for this incredible hospital, making it a festival of kindness and giving back.

Experience the Magic: RAINBOWpalooza offers an array of interactive activities, live entertainment, and enchanting performances for all ages.

VIP Lounge: Parents can enjoy the air-conditioned VIP “I need a Minute” Lounge with refreshments, message chairs, and a variety of special enhancements throughout the day.

Donations and Tickets: The festival is open to the public with a suggested donation of $20 per person. VIP Lounge tickets are available for $100.

Meaning Behind the RAINBOW: A rainbow is present after a storm and represents an array of elements – hope, peace, joy, and new beginnings! It’s a powerful emblem for the children of West Palm Beach, specifically those children receiving treatment from Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

As we take a sneak peek into what’s over the rainbow, Courtney’s vision for Rhythm & Hues expands from her local love to a global impact.

Courtney, Jamie, and Yamille have set out on another adventure by creating The Children’s Rainbow Fund. Their vision is simple yet profound: to have an organization focusing solely on providing joy and enrichment for children with a focus on children who are experiencing trauma.

“I hope it strengthens families. I hope it raises parenting awareness. I hope it raises the bar for children’s places all over the world,” shares Courtney.

Rhythm & Hues stands tall as a beacon of hope, now even more vibrant. Thanks to Courtney Palacios’ infectious enthusiasm, resilience and indomitable spirit children have a place to experience a growth spurt of the heart and soul! 

The stage is set, the colors are lively, and the melodies are heartwarming – all that’s left is for you and your children to step into the world of Rhythm & Hues. Experience the magic for yourself!

As Courtney so beautifully puts it, “Come be happy with us!”

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Join the fun by booking your child’s next unforgettable experience on their website or contact them directly at 561.216.1027.

And don’t miss their next event! Details below.

 Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.