The science of skin deep beauty with Jennifer Gowdy of Pure Skin Collagen BoutiquE


One thing us women of the South Floridian persuasion can agree upon is this: Good skincare is a must.

Can we get an Amen?!

But that doesn’t mean it’s a simple equation. With so many products, potions and promises on the market we either end up with an overflowing medicine cabinet or simply get too overwhelmed to purchase anything in the first place.

So what’s the solve?

In our opinion, you gotta have your go-to person. And for us, that’s Jennifer Gowdy, Owner, Licensed Medical Esthetician and Spa Director at Pure Skin Collage Boutique in West Palm Beach.

We love Jenn because where other medical aesthetic practices may promise quick fixes, she sets realistic expectations.

Instead of a ‘one size fits all’ thought process, she individually tailors treatments based on age, skin type, personal preferences and more.

We talk about longterm goals, treatment plans and the dreaded question…what’s it going to cost me?

We feel extra safe with her because she can back up what she’s telling us – she’s got a lifelong career in the medical field with an emphasis on the clinical.

With that, she follows science and research when it comes to selecting products and procedures.

An hour with Jennifer Gowdy (complimentary when you visit the concierge spa) is like a Master Class on skincare and beauty, complete with a chart that shows you which treatments target each respective layer of your skin.

Not only does it leave you with tons of great pointers, but it leaves you wanting to know more!

Here are some things we learned, direct from Jennifer; but don’t go telling all your friends our secrets!

Written by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan

Why Pure Skin Collage boutique?

“In the skincare industry there’s a lot of things that are sold that don’t really have the science to back it up…I’m very particular about the products and procedures and things we offer here…everything we do here I’ve done on myself- I’m the first guinea pig!”

“I pride myself on doing complimentary consultations and really spending a great deal of time. Everybody walks away with a new learning of how to age gracefully or care for their skin.”


Botox is not always the answer!

“We offer botox and fillers and do believe in them, but we also believe there’s a lot of natural remedies that you need to do first. We come for a more natural and holistic approach.

We want people to be the best version of themselves, and the natural version of themselves.”

“It’s a beauty industry, but it’s also about building a woman’s confidence and making her a happier version of herself.”


Once and for all: what should be in my medicine cabinet?

“You’ve got to have a Vitamin C product in the am, you’ve got to wear sunscreen (and reapply), and women 30+ should be on a low dose retinol. You can really have a streamlined regimen that’s really simple but has the right ingredients.”

“Another thing is, don’t overdo it. You really only need one pump of product – more is not better. Let it absorb, don’t overly rub your skin.”


What’s on the surface is only half of the story.

 “As you age, you’re losing collagen faster and faster.

Over 60% of your collagen is at 2.0 (mid-dermis) or deeper – that’s where microneedling, ultherapy, radiofrequency, PRP, come in. We can get into those deep layers and stimulate collagen in the same way you build muscle. I’m a huge believer in medical grade microneedling.”


Will I be fixed after one visit?

“You’ll gradually get there. We can’t take 10-15 years off of somebody in a day, but we can educate them and build toward things. We like to set goals and develop packages to work with clients on annual plans to plan when you should be doing what.”

The full extent of Pure Skin Collagen Boutique’s offering going so much further than what we covered; they’ve got Biodentical hormones, Exosomes, cosmetic fillers, melasma treatments, peptide injections…

But don’t take our word for it. Call in to set up your free consultation at 561-346-0833 or visit them at the concierge spa: 2810 S Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach FL 33405.