Stacey's Top 10 Picks for Mother's Day Gifts

May is here which means Mother’s Day is just around the corner! We are continuing celebrating 10 Years of The Scout Guide Palm Beach with “Stacey’s Picks” – a monthly roundup of TEN of Stacey’s favorites with significance to The Scout Guide community. This month we are highlighting gifts that are perfect for Mom.

Keep reading below to discover what Stacey is eyeing for both her mom – and all the motherly figures in her life!

1. Stephanie Kantis Nugget Stone Earrings



2. Hive Baobab Ravinstsara Hanitra Candle



3. Pure Skin Collagen Boutique Facial



4. Marina St. Barth Ligne St Barth Skincare Products



5. Marissa Collections Lingua Franca Mama Bear Long Sleeve Crew Neck



6. Lana Marks Medium Chain Bag in Pink



7. Irene Lummertz Signature Bangles



8. Hamilton Jewelers Sand Medium Jewelry Box



9. Pineapples Palms Gray Malin Starmint Umbrellas Tray



10. Pioneer Linens August Morgan Golden Retriever Cocktail Napkins