Stacey Leuliette’s Pure Skin Palm Beach Journey: A Testimonial of Trust and Unforgettable Results

Get ready to dive into the world of ultimate pampering and rejuvenation!

Today, we have the pleasure of chatting with none other than Stacey Leuliette, the fabulous owner of The Scout Guide! 

Recently, Stacey had an incredible experience at Pure Skin Palm Beach, a boutique med spa that offers top-notch anti-aging treatments.

In this Q & A testimonial interview, Stacey shares her remarkable journey, giving us all the insider scoop on her impressive treatment and the exceptional service she received!

So sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by Stacey’s uplifting story at Pure Skin Palm Beach – because self-care and pampering are always in style!

TSG: What inspired you to seek treatment at Pure Skin Palm Beach?

Stacey Leuliette: I love being in the sun! I noticed it was having an effect on my skin, so I started exploring options for treatment. I have always valued a natural look and taking care of my skin. I have been a client of Pure Skin Palm Beach for a long time. After consultations at Pure Skin Palm Beach and a plastic surgeon’s office, I was relieved to find Pure Skin Palm Beach was offering a new alternative to treat my fine lines and laugh lines.


TSG: What treatment did you choose at Pure Skin Palm Beach?

Stacey Leuliette: Agnes + Scarlet SRF! It’s an incredible combination of advanced technologies. First, the Agnes machine utilized its precise monopolar radio frequency microneedle to specifically target and effectively melt excess fat from my under-eye pad. Additionally, it stimulated collagen growth! Then, the Scarlet SRF treatment utilized bipolar radio frequency and microneedling to tighten, tone, and improve the texture of my skin. To refresh my lower face, the Agnes + Scarlet SRF treatment utilized a combination of techniques, including tacking and neocollagenesis. I couldn’t be happier with my decision! My full skincare regime is something Pure Skin Palm Beach and I have curated over the years with monthly facials, twice a year MOXI, and now Agnes + Scarlet SRF!


TSG: We’d love to know why the Agnes + Scarlet SRF treatment at Pure Skin Palm Beach caught your attention. Did you prefer it over a surgical options?

Stacey Leuliette: Absolutely! The treatment caught my attention because it offered a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Not only does a lower blepharoplasty involve going under the knife, but it has a two-week recovery period! My schedule can be very demanding and it’s difficult for me to find two weeks of downtime while running four markets of The Scout Guide. It’s very rare that I have a week that I don’t need to be at an event or a shoot!! That’s why choosing Agnes + Scarlet SRF was a no-brainer for me!

TSG: Tell us about the amazing results from your treatment!

Stacey Leuliette: The results from my Agnes + Scarlet SRF treatment have been truly incredible! The fine lines around my eyes and laugh lines have undergone a noticeable transformation. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed, with tighter skin and improved texture!


TSG: How long can we expect these stunning results to last?!

Stacey Leuliette: The results are long-lasting and will continue to enhance over the next FOUR months!! It’s going to keep getting better!


TSG: Take us through the journey of achieving your desired results. How many sessions did it take, how long were they, and was there any downtime or recovery time involved?

Stacey Leuliette: I underwent two sessions, each lasting approximately an hour, spaced four weeks apart. My face looked like I got a sunburn, but I was able to go to a dinner that night and meetings the next day. That was the most wonderful thing about this treatment!


TSG: Did you experience any discomfort or intense heat during the treatment?

Stacey Leuliette: I’ve done the MOXI laser before and I’m very comfortable with it. Everyone’s experience is different. For me the Agnes was more intense, but you are completely numb, and it doesn’t last long. Emilia and Rachel are very experienced with these devices. Pure Skin Palm Beach prioritizes patient comfort and safety, ensuring that the treatment is as pleasant as possible.


TSG: Would you recommend the Agnes + Scarlet SRF procedure to others who are looking for a non-invasive treatment with near-surgical results?

Stacey Leuliette: Absolutely! I highly recommend Agnes + Scarlet SRF to those seeking non-invasive treatments and surgical options! It’s a safe and effective alternative to surgery. As women, we age. Skin treatment is something I am uncomfortable with, but Pure Skin Palm Beach has made such an effort to educate me. They provide the science behind it. The results have exceeded my expectations! I’m confident others will feel the same way!


TSG: Please, spill the beans on Pure Skin Palm Beach! On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your overall experience?

Stacey Leuliette: TEN OUT OF TEN! Aside from the amazing results I received with the Agnes + Scarlet SRF treatment, the personalized care made all the difference! The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, professional, and attentive. They took the time to understand my concerns and goals, guiding me through the entire process. They really sit with you and explain what’s happening and I needed that! I completely trust Jenn, Rachel, Emilia, and the team at Pure Skin Palm Beach with my skin. 


TSG: You’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many top tier med spas throughout the world. What sets Pure Skin Palm Beach apart from other med spas?

Stacey Leuliette: Having visited various top-tier med spas, I can confidently say that Pure Skin Palm Beach stands apart in several ways. First and foremost, Pure Skin Palm Beach creates a warm and welcoming environment where I felt comfortable and confident in the care I received. Moreover, Pure Skin Palm Beach took the time to build a genuine connection with me, which ultimately led me to trust them fully! Their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and treatments is evident. The professionals at Pure Skin Palm Beach are experts in the med spa industry! It’s the perfect combination of professionalism, expertise, and a personalized touch that sets them apart from the rest.


TSG: We’re always on the lookout for what’s next! What treatments do you plan to do in the future?

Stacey Leuliette: Right now, I am in maintenance mode! Jenn has been educating me on the benefits of regenerative medicine, which helps with cell, tissue, and collagen replacement. Additionally, she has introduced me to regenerative aesthetic treatments that harness the body’s natural regenerative system to recapture its youthful structure and function. Specifically, I am considering Sculptra and Hyperdilute Radiesse. At Pure Skin Palm Beach, they stay on top of the latest technologies and treatments, so I’m excited to see what they introduce in the future! I trust their expertise, and I’m open to exploring new options that will help me maintain a natural and rejuvenated appearance.

TSG: Is there anything else you simply must share about your remarkable experience at Pure Skin Palm Beach? We’re all ears for any hidden gems or glowing recommendations you may have!

Stacey Leuliette: I can’t emphasize enough how remarkable my experience at Pure Skin Palm Beach has been! The best part about Pure Skin Palm Beach is that they’re not just a med spa! They create an exceptional experience! They are deeply involved in the community, actively participating in nonprofit initiatives. What sets them apart is the genuine care and attention they give each individual. Jennifer Gowdy, the founder of Pure Skin Palm Beach, has built something more than just a spa – it’s an entire experience! And that’s what we strive for at The Scout Guide! We, too, believe in creating memorable experiences while supporting, collaborating, and celebrating one another!! Jenn and I share the same birthday and it feels like we are kindred spirits  – – fearless leaders on a similar journey! It’s not only the “in spa experience” at Pure Skin Palm Beach. Just in the past month or two they have hosted beautiful luncheons and a yacht experience! Jenn has elevated the entire experience, so her clients know they are dealing with the best!

Pure Skin Palm Beach is conveniently located in the heart of El Cid in West Palm Beach, FL. Additionally, in just two years, they will be relocating to a brand-new facility near the Palm Beach Yacht Club, further enhancing their exceptional offerings.

To book an anti-aging appointment or complimentary consultation call 561-346-0833.

Be sure to check out their mind-blowing before and after pics on Instagram @pureskinpalmbeach.