Sailing into Style: Marina St. Barth

Palm Beach’s decadent fashion scene is as opulent as Whitehall’s West Room.

Within this fabulous fashion hub of Palm Beach, the elegance and sophistication of Marina St. Barth truly stands out  – elevating a new standard of style.

At the helm of this prestigious brand is the visionary founder and CEO, Marina Cocher.

With a passion for merging the sun-soaked allure of Saint Barthélemy with global luxury, Marina Cocher has redefined the fashion landscape and brought one-of-a-kind pieces to Palm Beach!

You will find Marina St. Barth boutiques in Palm Beach, Southampton, and East Hampton  – where fashion isn’t just appreciated, its celebrated!

We at The Scout Guide are head over heels for this place!

We aren’t just talking about the gorgeous clothing – we’re talking about the whole experience!

It feels as if you’re getting a personal shopping experience that’s as relaxed as spending time with your stylish besties.

The Marina St. Barth associates? They’re all about the details – your style, your preferences – and they’ve got the finer points handled to perfection! It’s like having your own fashion entourage!

They will have you looking uh-mazing! You will be strutting down Worth Ave with the swagger of a model, owning that luxurious runway style!

From island elegance to casual glam or boho vibes – they’ve got something that’ll make you swoon!

In this exclusive exchange with The Scout Guide, Marina Cocher opens up about her inspirations, her journey, and the essence of Marina St. Barth!

Without further ado, we are absolutely thrilled to introduce to you the fashion aficionado that keeps the Palm Beach fashion scene fresh – Marina Cocher!

TSG: Bonjour Marina! Your brand, Marina St. Barth, beautifully blends the chic elegance of Saint Barthélemy with a touch of luxury from around the world! Can you share with us the inspiration behind creating this unique fusion of styles?

Marina Cocher: Our Sunkissed Lifestyle Boutiques are meant to transport you to an exclusive voyage from Monte Carlo, Italie, and Ibiza…all the way to Australia. My inspiration for creating that concept came from life experiences, challenges all lived through my extensive travels. I passionately curate each piece of those collections that define our unique concept.

TSG: Travel and fashion are often intertwined, and your boutique embodies this synergy so well! How do you curate your collections to cater to different fashion preferences, whether it’s island elegance, casual glamour, or bohemian chic?

Marina Cocher: As you said our boutiques reflect that synergy and the key for me while defining our concept searching for all those unique brands all over the world is to keep in mind all my clients’ needs and wishes as well as acknowledging my team’s feedback.

TSG: Your Palm Beach boutique is on the legendary Worth Avenue – talk about a prime spot! What sets Marina St. Barth apart from the rest of the Palm Beach fashion scene?

Marina Cocher: Yes, we love our boutiques on Worth Avenue, legendary fashion luxury place. It is quite amazing how daily we hear the answer of that question from our faithful clients but also from brand new visitors that just discovered us. The upscale, worldly clientele that Worth Ave attracts appreciates our unique European concept of shopping. I encourage anybody to come and experience it for themselves!

TSG: The luxury fashion industry is ever-evolving! How do you stay attuned to the latest trends while maintaining the timeless elegance that defines Marina St. Barth?

Marina Cocher: While staying true to our roots that define us, casual chic refined island style from St Barth, I love to scout around for new brands that will complement our concept and excite our customers. We love to surprise them while keeping our Core Image.

TSG: Your decision to establish Marina St. Barth after surviving the tsunami in Thailand is a testament to your unwavering spirit! The palm tree standing tall in your logo holds such profound symbolism, considering your personal experience. Could you share with us the heartfelt significance of the palm tree and how it intertwines with your journey of resilience and the beauty of Marina St. Barth?

Marina Cocher: Sure, thank you. That brings us back to the quintessence of Marina St Barth. After facing near-death experience and being saved holding on to a palm tree, I realized how short life can be and started to focus on my true passions. Despite the many obstacles I faced I was determined to make it work. That symbolic palm tree defines my brand and reminds me every day how I got there.

TSG: In this digital world, how does Marina St. Barth bridge the gap between in-store luxury shopping and the convenience of online browsing?

Marina Cocher: Yes, we definitely cannot ignore how the world is transforming digitally. We worked hard to improve our online platforms by delivering a more targeted interfaced media approach. But I always like to point out that while it brings convenience and awareness to many clients all over the world, it will never replace our unique luxury shopping experience. Our clients love having our stylist make them look their best, instant makeovers are the most gratifying, truly empowering!

TSG: At The Scout Guide, our utmost admiration goes to women entrepreneurs! Your accomplishments and fearlessness as a fashion connoisseur are truly awe-inspiring – the sort of “pinch-me – is this a dream?” inspiration! What advice do you have for aspiring business owners?

Marina Cocher: Thank you so much! My advice would be to follow their dreams, act on it, have faith in themselves, be perseverant, resilient but also patient. The road to success has many hurdles. They should never let anybody discourage them or stop them!

TSG: Fall fever is hitting Palm Beach! What are you most excited about this season?

Marina Cocher: Yes, definitely. Fall is always an exciting time of the year in PB. This season will definitely not disappoint. We are thrilled to introduce new curated brands that follow the global recycled standard/sustainability – protecting our environment and planet is dear to us. We will also be participating to many more charity events this season, giving back to our community.

TSG: We’re all ears for the future scoop! Any sneak peeks about upcoming collections or surprises that’ll pop up on the Marina St. Barth radar?

Marina Cocher: Keeping our clients on their toes is a great mission for us. We will surprise you all with many new partnerships like the beautiful Sirenuse hotel in Positano – their exclusive line is divine and will keep your travel memories alive all year! Also, stay tuned for the reveal of our new PB beachwear store concept as well as the exciting news of a new location! We cannot wait to welcome you in any of our boutiques. A bientôt!

Life is too short for a boring wardrobe! Wear something that makes you feel fabulous!

Check Marina St. Barth on Worth Ave in Palm Beach or online at

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.