Real Estate matchmaking with Kourtney Pulitzer

Kourtney Pulitzer has an unusual mix of instant approachability and kindness, coupled with a keen sense of professionalism and expertise.

Off the bat, maybe not a combination you’re accustomed to in a Realtor – which makes it all the more refreshing.

Outside of being an overall great human, Kourtney is also a highly respected member of the real estate community here in Palm Beach.

With 20 years on Palm Beach, 18 spent raising children locally and seven building a career with Sotheby’s International Real Estate, she’s grown her career as a local expert with the worldwide recognition and prestige of the Sotheby’s name.

We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with her over a cup of tea (before heading to a showing, of course!) to learn more about her time with Sotheby’s, market insights, and some very important ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’ for prospective buyers!

Written by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan

If you’ve so much as picked up a newspaper in the past two years, you’re likely aware of the immense amount of growth the real estate market has undergone.

Not only is Palm Beach no exception to that, but some would say it’s the rule.

Just last month, the Financial Times printed a national headline of, “Palm Beach is sold out”.

But with someone on the inside track like Kourtney, with the backing of an establishment like Sotheby’s, which she refers to as “the crown jewel of the corporate structure”, you just may be in luck.

“I’ve raised two children here, my husband was born and raised on Palm Beach, we have really strong ties to the community and there are not many things I don’t have at least a hand in or handle on.”

While the bulk of her business in on Palm Beach, she also supports families in relocations to areas like Old Palm, Admiral’s Cove, and many of the communities in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach.

“Not everyone can live on Palm Beach,” says Kourtney. “It’s not the best fit for everyone…I’ve found that helping families strategize how they’re going to live once they get here is really an important part of what I do.”

When it comes to finding the right home, Kourtney recognizes the importance of understanding the day-to-day needs of the families she’s working with.

“We’re talking about how you want to live, what is your lifestyle, what are your kids’ interests…I like to advise people and show them what they can do, and how they can live here really well,” she shared.

“It feels like matchmaking,” she added.

Backing up a bit, we wanted to know how she got started in the field.

“It’s something I always thought I would do,” shared Kourtney, whose aunt sparked her initial interest as a Realtor herself. “Everything has come to a culmination of the right moment in my career where it’s really taking off and I really have the time to commit to it.”

Some things can truly only be gained with experience.

“What makes me special is that I’m an expert on this market,” says Kourtney. “People know that they can ask me the real questions and they’ll get an honest answer.”

“A lot of people can show you a pretty house,” she continued. “But because I work with so many investors and financial advisors, the strength that I bring to a transaction is understanding how this property works in your portfolio, and how you can really utilize the asset.”

With multiple eight-figure deals on the table and consistent off-market sales, how does one measure success?

For Kourtney, it’s simple.

“Every deal feels like a highlight; every transaction feels like the new cornerstone of my career,” she says. “Along the way every single deal has felt really special to me.”

Throughout the conversation, a consistent theme was the importance of respecting and connecting with her clients, as well as the other agents in the market, and really maintaining those relationships.

Just ask the various happy clients that have come back to her twice, three times…even six times (!) to support in their continued real estate endeavors.

“All of my clients are friends. We celebrate together, spend time together, and they look for my advice on things real estate and beyond.”

She continued, “I’m working with really interesting people that are incredibly knowledgeable…I learn a lot from my clients about how they invest, why they invest…I never could have expected to learn so much from these interactions.”


So; to maximize our time with this market guru, we wanted some insider advice to share with our loyal readers.

Here are the Do’s and Don’t’s of property purchase according to Kourtney.


1.       Have an open mind

2.       Be fully prepared to react quickly

3.       Be flexible

4.       Know that appraisals aren’t everything


1.       Let your emotions get the best of you 

2.       Give up on the process

3.       Skip an inspection!


You know we’re excited for our ten year anniversary, so Kourtney weighed in on why our partnership is important to her own business.

“The Scout Guide allows me to present my business and what I do, in the way that it should be presented: polished, poised and pretty – just like Palm Beach!”


To get started on your next real estate venture, hear about the multiple oceanfront properties coming to market this season, or simply to pick the brain of a true market expert – you can contact Kourtney Pulitzer here:

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O: (561) 659-3555

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