Barefoot Luxury: In Conversation with the Tamara Comolli team


Designer Tamara Comolli describes the essence of her brand as “Barefoot Luxury” – a feeling of freedom and happiness that lets you escape from the mundanities of everyday life.

We love the ‘Palm Beachiness’ of this concept – plus, any excuse to invest in timeless jewelry is okay by us!

With some changes in leadership and an exciting new collection, we thought it was a great time to connect with the team and learn more about what’s going on with the business.

Keep reading for our conversation with them this past week!

TSG: For those not familiar with the company, how would you describe it in a few sentences or less?

TC: TAMARA COMOLLI is all about the feeling of barefoot luxury full of joy and ease. Inspired by the love

of the ocean and an endless passion for colorful gemstones, we create surprising and playful, yet

sophisticated and feminine designs. Since the foundation of the brand in 1992, we are redefining the

rules when it comes to wearing fine jewelry. Wearing a diamond pendant on a casual leather cord,

styling breathtaking layering looks, or letting a one-of-a-kind jewel make a statement – our versatile

collections leave room for every woman’s own creativity.

TSG: Is there a certain item or category you’re particularly well known for?

TC: The MIKADO collection embodies our unique philosophy like no other and is our most iconic

collection. The acorn-shaped gemstones in vibrant colors are all-time favorites of many women all

over the world, who wear them proudly every day in their favorite combinations. We are famous for

our Color Stories, harmonious combinations of colorful gemstones and gold colors. These stunning

gemstone symphonies embrace our collections and allow to mix and match them perfectly. The first

piece of TAMARA COMOLLI jewelry a woman acquires always marks the beginning of an inspiring and

never-ending journey for her.


TSG: What do you feel sets the brand apart both in Palm Beach and around the world?

TC: We interpret fine jewelry with a twinkle in the eye…

How many boutiques do you have worldwide? Any plans to open new locations?

We have six of our own boutiques in so-called spirit locations in the US, Germany, and Spain. We are

sure there are even more spirit locations to come…

TSG: What makes Palm Beach an ideal location for the brand?

TC: Palm Beach is the perfect location for TAMARA COMOLLI as it is the quintessential blend of luxurious

boutiques, art galleries and great restaurants, all in a relaxed beach setting.  There is a European feel

on Worth Avenue with the mix of architecture and designers. The Palm Beach clientele enjoys

everything TAMARA COMOLLI represents, casual luxury, our use of color and mostly wearing fine

jewelry in a relaxed way. Our Palm Beach boutique has been open for nearly ten years and we had

our best year ever this past year. With the influx of new residents and wealth coming to Palm Beach

to enjoy the lifestyle, we expect even more success in the coming years. 


TSG: Founder Tamara Comolli recently announced she’s stepping down as Managing Director and

Creative Director. How does that impact the future of the brand?

TC: Tamara Comolli always will be the founder and soul of the brand. We are very much looking forward

to our 30th anniversary in 2022 and Tamara Comolli has prepared everything for this special occasion:

new designs, a great new campaign with Carolyn Murphy and Zippora Seven, and a soon-to-be-

launched brand book. Our new CEO duo, Sophia Friedl and Tobias Marquardt, honor the spirit of the

brand and the endless passion for colorful gems. We continue our loving product philosophy and our

unique approach to fine jewelry interpreting it in an effortless way.

TSG: What’s something you’d like people to know about the company that they otherwise might not?

TC: We have a great expertise in one-of-a-kind gemstones. Our gemologist is always on the hunt for

breathtaking treasures of nature. You might think a Tourmaline is just a Tourmaline, but it’s so much

more than that. It’s often rarer, more precious and sought-after than a Diamond – for instance,

ocean blue Paraiba Tourmalines. We showcase these rarities in unique jewelry design, our

Collectibles, and pay tribute to the incredible beauty of each gem.

TSG: Any favorites from the most recent collection?

TC: The new GYPSY bangles are a true design highlight. They surprise with their sideways positioned

gemstones allowing to stack and combine multiple bangles. Our customers enjoy creating new looks,

whether more elegant with the diamond versions or with a bohemian touch by wearing the colorful

design versions featuring precious sapphires, tsavorites and diamonds.


You can visit Tamara Comolli at 150 Worth Ave #115, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Written by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan