Q&A with Lydia Marie Elizabeth

For The Scout Guide Palm Beach’s Volume 10 launch party, Lydia Marie Elizabeth joined us to create beautiful fashion illustrations of guests in attendance. We love Lydia’s renditions of our favorite Palm Beach spots and thought it was only right to have her illustrate our TSG PB members as well… because Palm Beach isn’t Palm Beach without all the small business that makes it what it is today!

We had the pleasure and joy of getting to know Lydia during our launch, and since we are all about sharing the best of small businesses, we wanted to take a moment to share with you more from artist Lydia Marie Elizabeth. 

Lydia is an East Coast artist whose studio is wherever her travels take her – Lydia’s home studio has been in the lush gardens of Greenwich Connecticut, amid the city lights in Philadelphia, the lakes of Maine, the rolling hills Loudoun County in Virginia, under the Spanish Moss in Savannah, Georgia — and our favorite — under the palms in Palm Beach.

Keep reading to learn more about Lydia’s history and her vision for her art.

TSG: What brought you to start creating Palm Beach-inspired art?

LME: I arrived for the first time in Palm Beach in 2018 and was absolutely smitten on the spot. I was incredibly inspired by the vision and drive of Henry Flagler to settle a wild East Coast of Florida; but I certainly understand the appeal. The palms brush the silky air and the clouds look like mother of pearl set against the ever shifting tones of the pastel sky; there is no other word for Palm Beach but enchanting. The first time I sat sipping a mojito at HMF I was entirely wide eyed. I stood in the lobby at the Breakers watching the elegant snapping photos and chatting and smiling at one another. A little bit of a dream world- everyone seems happy to be here. It is this joy and emotion that runs through my fingers as I paint Palm Beach- a flurry of excitement to dab each color onto paper.

TSG: Have you always been an artist at heart?

LME: There was rarely a time I did not have a pencil or paint brush in my hand as I grew up. My parents channeled my scribbles into studio art classes throughout my childhood and into college, both within my education and specialty classes. After completing my education I worked as an interior designer at an architectural firm in Greenwich, CT. I missed my paint brushes and began painting the spaces and scenes that most inspired my throughout the day. In 2015 I decided to start my own company and start painting full time, since then my business has grown to offering custom commissions, live painting for events, fine art collections available on my website as well as a small line of products like playing cards, notebooks, and art calendars.

TSG: We would love to learn about your creative process. Tell us more!

LME: I paint in a variety of mediums, but most often I work representationally in watercolor on paper with a strong attention to detail. My own sunny disposition floods into my art resulting in a joyful body of work. It is often also nostalgic. While I enjoy exploring shapes for what an object is in a perspective, I find that the colors of a memory are most evocative. What is so intriguing about buildings is their reflection of those who inhabit them. Interiors and architecture are what we intentionally surround ourselves with- for both shelter and comfort.

TSG: Do you have a favorite destination to paint?

Palm Beach is one of my favorite places to visit for inspiration and certainly one of my favorite places to paint live events — like fashion sketches or full-scale scenes while the party is happening; Most recently I’ve painted at the Four Seasons and the Royal Poinciana. It’s always a pleasure to paint and meet others who adore and are inspired by Palm Beach as much as I am.

To view Lydia’s artwork locally please visit the Four Seasons Palm Beach and ask at the Boutique, or visit www.LydiaMarieElizabeth.com for the latest pieces!