Primestones: A Global Treasure Trove of Exquisite Stone

Let us tell you about our latest find: PRIMESTONES!

We recently had the privilege of touring their West Palm Beach showroom, and we have to say, it felt more like a stately art gallery! 

Natural stone slabs as far as the eye can see! Each one a testament to the jaw-dropping beauty of nature itself.

Picture this: over 500 stone options from every corner of the globe, sourced from the rugged terrains of Brazil to the exotic shores of Indonesia. It was nothing short of breathtaking!

With Primestones’ showrooms in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami, they’re South Florida’s go-to resource for homeowners, designers, and architects.

Their mission? To scour the world for the most exquisite stones that complement the ever-evolving trends and aesthetics of the design world.

And the best part? Their inventory is constantly replenished, so you’re guaranteed to find that perfect piece to make your vision pop!

Plus, with top-of -the-line cranes in all their locations, they’ve got the big projects covered too!

Ready to be wowed? Primestones’ savvy experts let us in on the Top 5 Natural Stones that are sure to leave you awe-struck!

2022 © Nickolas Sargent Photography

#5 Best ‘Statement Piece’ Stone

Bookmatching – it makes a statement all on its own!

This technique involves laying out two strikingly similar stone slabs in a mirrored open book arrangement, creating continual veining between them.

How to use it? Think BIG!

For maximum impact, integrate perfectly matched slabs into a kitchen island that’s larger than life! The result? A showstopping masterpiece with harmonious veining from every angle! Or use bookmatching as an accent wall, turning your space into an artful exhibition of natural beauty.

#4 Best Stone for the Ultimate Feature Wall

Textured stone with a leathered finish… or as we like to call it “pebbly-chic!”

Its silky, leather finish with pebbly feel is achieved through a blend of cutting-edge technology and top-notch equipment. This finish enhances the innate charm of the stone, infusing warmth and a whole new dimension into any space.

It’s all about the inviting matte and organic feel that just begs to be touched!

Thinking about mounting fixtures like TVs, mantles, or shelving to these stone feature walls? You’re in luck! With the right reinforcements, these stone walls can hold their own, and then some!

Textured stones have even been installed on the ceilings – talk about elevating a space!

When it comes to durability, Quartzite is the undisputed champ!

#3 Best Stone for Families

It’s like the superhero of natural stone  – handling spills, scratches, and the hustle and bustle of family life with ease! Say goodbye to worries about watermelon or spaghetti mishaps – Quartzite stands strong!

Whether it’s countertops, backsplashes, or floors, Quartzite not only brings a touch of beauty to your space but also offers the bonus of low maintenance.

And guess what? It’s not just durable, but also hygienic and food-contact safe!

Plus, with a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, it’s the ultimate family-friendly stone that doesn’t skimp on style!

#2 Best Unique Stone

Get ready to be swept off your feet, because translucent stone is nothing short of a visual masterpiece!

Onyx, in all its glory, boars mesmerizing patterns that seem straight out of a dream – waves, circles, clouds, and swirls in a palette of cream, honey, silver, and more!

It is truly the world’s most unique gem!

Now, when it comes to showcasing this translucency, you’ve got plenty of options. Backlighting panels allow light to dance through, casting a delicate glow and creating a stunningly radiant effect!

Whether it’s countertops, accent walls, or even bed frames (yes, you read that right!), this technique turns any space into a magazine-worthy display!

#1 Best Selling Stone: Primestones’ Most Popular Pick

Meet the crowd-pleasers, Taj Mahal and Calacatta Marbles! These stunners have earned their best-seller status for good reason!

Taj Mahal, with its warm sandy tones, adds a touch of timeless refinement for your space. Its natural and versatile palette plays well with any design.

It’s like an instant upgrade for any room!

Now let’s talk Calacatta Marble – a true legend of elegance! With roots tracing back to the Roman Empire, it brings a timeless old-world charm to any space.

Think deep veining and a uniform color that’s like poetry in stone form. It’s not just for show either – it’s a top pick for countertops, fireplaces, and other design elements!

When it comes to iconic beauty, these marbles are the crown jewels!

Now please allow us to introduce you to Cassandra McNulty, the Marketing Coordinator of Primestones, who graciously shared deeper insights into the exceptional offering at Primestones.

Cassandra and the entire team at Primestones are incredibly proud of the quality and beauty of their stone slabs.

”We source our material from all over the world, specifically from renowned quarries. We have taken the time to build strong relationships and partnerships over the years, and these trusting relationships grant us access to the most unique and desired selections,” said Cassandra.

Primestones’ top priority is to deliver nothing short of the best! “Quality cannot be compromised,” emphasized Cassandra.

Their customer order service caters to specific inquiries, ensuring you get the exact stone you desire. Whether it’s a rare material or a larger quantity  – Primestones is ready to make it happen!

 “When you arrive at Primestones, the goal is to always ensure that you feel valued and that the success of your project is important for us,” Cassandra shared.

The abundance of 5-star Google reviews attests to the fact that every client feels valued.

“With expert employees and a large inventory of natural and engineered stone varieties, we strive to offer our customers the most comprehensive and enjoyable purchasing experience when choosing stones for their projects,” proudly shared Cassandra.

Primestones takes the guesswork out of selection!

“Our customers can easily browse our whole inventory online with the help of our Live Inventory tool. It is updated in real-time and has an intuitive filter system where you can narrow your choices by color, finish, thickness of the material, and stone type,” explained Cassandra.

This groundbreaking feature empowers clients near and far to make informed decisions.

“The live inventory helps our in-person clients be better prepared for their visit knowing what to expect and look for materials that they are interested in. For the clients that are far from South Florida, it facilitates their decision making  – helping them select something they love from a distance,” shared Cassandra. “We are constantly fulfilling orders made by clients that are on the other side of the country and even out of the country!”

But there’s more  – Virtual design is at your fingertips with Primestones’ online visualizer!

This is a powerful tool that allows you to envision your project holistically.

Cassandra highlighted, “The online visualizer provides clients the opportunity to see a completed view of a project and provides a new perspective when deciding among multiple stone options and finishes.”

Here, you can seamlessly combine various materials (stone, cabinetry, flooring, wall color, etc.) to bring your vision to life. It’s a playground for creativity, ensuring your project aligns perfectly with your unique style and vision.

If you’re on the lookout for a stone selection that’s as unique as your vision, look no further than Primestones. With their unparalleled inventory, personalized customer service, and worldwide shipping options, they’ll turn your design dreams into stunning reality!

Trust us, this is stone shopping made easy!

Explore Primestones’ website or check out their Instagram for your daily dose of beauty and design inspiration @primestones

For a closer look, pop into one of their showrooms – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

For questions or assistance, please give them a call at 561-727-8000.

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.