Mindfulness Eating with Endocrinologist Jordan Geller

Board-certified Endocrinologist Jordan Geller

With the pandemic in the rearview mirror and the beach just up the road it’s time to assess the damage.. Maybe you didn’t get COVID-19 but did you gain the Covid-19? Many of my patients saw the pandemic as an opportunity to get healthier while some went the other way. Sitting at home, not getting outdoors or exercising, ordering in and most of all stress led to the perfect storm for weight gain.

People often ask me what is the best diet? The answer is easy: none of them! A diet is what you do to lose 5 pounds before that summer event in the Hamptons. To lose weight you need a lifestyle change and that means learning mindfulness eating. The mindfulness approach to weight loss is not just about what you eat but rather how you eat and why you eat. That will lead to slow, lasting weight change, hormone balance and overall better health. Always remember don’t neglect your hormones!

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Dr. Geller is a board-certified Endocrinologist specializing in hormone disorders and metabolism. He has offices on the island of Palm Beach and in Los Angeles. He can be reached at jordangeller.com or [email protected]