Customer satisfaction and community: In conversation with the Table 26 Team


Among those settled in Palm Beach and West Palm alike, Table 26 is an undeniable favorite.

For those not familiar, Table 26 offers what co-owner Eddie refers to as “Global comfort food” – we just call it “delicious”!

After a year of managing a pivot to take out, closures, and re-openings, the team and establishment have made it to the other side with flying colors.

Fine dining, unbeatable happy hour specials and live music dinner shows (check out our newsletter calendar for more info) are just some highlights that make the spot such a special experience.

Having just celebrated their ninth year in business, we took some time to reflect with co-owner Eddie Schmidt.

Written by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan


From the time they opened their doors in 2012, Table 26 owners Eddie Schmidt and Ozzie Medeiros describe the restaurant as, “a clear white canvas, with different strokes painting each year in business”.

“Very much like Van Gogh,” says Eddie.

“Through the course of Van Gogh’s career, you can see his different styles as he became more educated in the art world,” he added.

They draw comparisons in the food industry to both the world of art and fashion, constantly changing, growing and evolving.

With nearly a decade in business, Eddie, Ozzie and the team have undergone learnings, shifts in menus, deeper involvement in the community and more.

But the biggest factor in their success is clear: “always be passionate and open-minded and accept the changes…. continuously forming that piece of art,” says Eddie. 

As any current customer of the establishment knows, you really feel all the things that Eddie speaks to when you’re dining with them.

“I support every restaurant in our community, but we want to create something different,” he says.

“You can go to many restaurants in the community and get quality, a great experience and local food. We want people to get all those things but also know they can come and have a safe environment, some live music, and forget about life for two hours. Sit back, and let’s forget the world.”

And while Eddie and Ozzie are the face of the restaurant, they continuously acknowledge the strength and importance of their team.

Shared Eddie, “It’s truly the team that makes this happen. Without this team understanding our brand and our philosophy, this could not happen on a day-to-day basis.”

“The dedication and the commitment of what they do personally is the future growth of what we do here at Table 26,” he added.


What’s their secret to keeping an engaged, happy team?

“Our philosophy is: knowledge equals confidence, and confidence equals success,” Eddie said.

Success, for the record, is happy guests.

When it comes to selecting something from the menu, your problem will never be too few options, but rather too many delicious ones.

 From Thai steak salad and meatloaf to zucchini pasta and crabcakes, the global cuisine really shines through and offers something for everyone.

“It’s like opening the refrigerator and seeing ingredients from all over the world,” says Eddie, “and how can we best represent that”.


With seasonal menu shifts curated by Chef Martha, you won’t get bored of dining here even if on a weekly basis.

“Food is like fashion,” shared Eddie, “and Chef Martha is always coming to me with these magical experiences of what’s in and new.”

Signature dishes remain year-round (don’t worry, pork chop diehards) but seasonal produce and general harvests will influence shifts in what’s offered.


Eddie also noted that we’re particularly fortunate to be leveraging local Florida harvest, where many vegetables only seen seasonally elsewhere grow year-round here.

Lucky us!


Still not sure what to order?

If you’re more of a “little bit of everything” type of person then the happy hour special is right up your alley.

“The best way to experience our happy hour is the tapas flight,” shared Eddie.

“It gives you a real example of Chef Martha…the presentation is so beautiful and it’s such a great representation of our menu.

Our sommelier Trey has also paired a wine with each of the courses to go with the flight – so it’s almost like a one stop shop!”


Good news: whereas other restaurants may keep specials to the bar area only, Table 26 has opened it up to the entirety of the restaurant during the happy hour period!


As someone who dines there every day we just hard to know what Eddie and Ozzie‘s go-to date night meal was:

“Our chicken Milanese,” says Eddie.

 “What a great way to eat something that is classic, light, satisfying and filling. To sit back and enjoy that with a Pinot Grigio or Sancerre, I believe that’s just a perfect way to have a date night. With my husband of course!”

We always like to give our readers the inside scoop – and selfishly I needed to know for myself once and for all – what’s the best seat in the house?

In Eddie’s opinion, “Table 9 on our patio. You can sit and see the entire restaurant, but from a distance. So you can kind of sit and observe the action, you can see the Who’s Who of people coming through the door.… It’s almost having that perfect seat at a Broadway show.”

 As a longstanding member of the Scout Guide Palm Beach, we wanted to know what the partnership means to Eddie and team.

“Our philosophy is about being a part of a community; and The Scout Guide’s mission is exposing what the community has to offer…a community cannot be established without small businesses. And that’s the magic of what we do, and what The Scout Guide does,” he says.

Make a reservation, order takeout, order delivery, or just drool over the menu here!