Real Estate's Dynamic Duo

Since 2020, the US has seen an unparalleled boom within the real estate market.

People seeking the comforts of home – along with the space and stability associated with one – set the market on fire, and Palm Beach was no exception to that.

As of 2021, Palm Beach County luxury single-family home sales spiked 62%.
Single-family homes went under contract in an average of 30 days, 50.8% faster than a year prior.

Mansion Global reported that Palm Beach County is the hottest real estate market in the country, noting that found that the average price of a luxury home in West Palm Beach went up almost 22% to $1.32 million.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) issued a report that showed that for the twelfth year in a row, Florida has remained the number one choice for foreign buyers “with a 22% share of all international purchases.”

To be able to truly succeed in such a fast-paced, competitive market is no small feat.

But Real Estate’s dynamic duo, Whitney McGurk and Liza Pulitzer, make it look easy.

Just last year, the duo won the prestigious title of #1 sales team company-wide at Brown Harris Stevens, based on their total sales volume.

As the top-producing agents at the Brown Harris island offices, they know a thing or two about connecting people and property in a way that truly sets them apart.

We sure were curious about that special sauce – so we went right to the source.

We’re honored to have spent time chatting with Liza and Whitney in an interview exclusive to The Scout Guide Palm Beach.

TSG: You were named no. 1 sales team company-wide at Brown Harris Stevens; what do you think are some of the elements that got you there?

P/M: Hard work, relationships and a lifetime spent on the island.

TSG: Looking at what you’ve built with Liza, what are the keys to a successful business partnership?

P/M: We both bring a lot to the table. We have known each other for over 30 years and both grew up on the island. Liza’s name is synonymous with the island and Whitney belongs to a new generation of buyers who are now moving to Palm Beach.

TSG: Bigger picture, what sets Brown Harris apart?

P/M: In our opinion, BHS represents a traditional well represented firm which has a long history of targeting high net worth clients.

TSG: Having been born and raised in Palm Beach, what are the major shifts you’ve seen in the market?

P/M: The scale of houses and the density on the island has evolved. Palm Beach has been discovered and everybody wants a piece of it. Properties are being maxed out as far as square footage and large properties are being re-imagined.

TSG: Where do you expect to see the market trending in the coming months/years?

P/M: Prices are finally softening with reductions across the board. This has generated renewed interest and a more realistic approach.

TSG: Any advice for first-time buyers?

P/M: Get to know the island or whatever location that fits your budget and lifestyle. There are nuances to every street and area so its incredibly important to trust our agent who will guide you based on what’s most important to you.

TSG: Advice for someone just starting their career in real estate?

P/M: My advice would be to partner with someone with a strong history of sales to get to know the market and attain more experience.

TSG: What can clients expect from a partnership with you?

P/M: Off-market opportunities, discretion, and dedication to put a deal together with utmost professionalism.

TSG: Name three key things you look for in a listing.

P/M: We love listings that lend themselves to the Palm Beach lifestyle. Something with a great outdoor space, proximity to the beach and/or bike trail are always great properties to work with.

TSG: What, in your opinion, makes Palm Beach such a desirable market?

P/M: Palm Beach is a safe and beautiful destination. It’s now filled with more year-round families who believe in a small-town community with access to cultural, city-like attractions such as the Norton Museum, Kravits Center, and the Four Arts, to name a few. Being able to walk on the beach 365 days a year is also a huge attraction.

For more and to contact Liza Pulitzer and Whitney McGurk, visit their website.