Meet the masters: a fateful introduction turned longterm business partnership for these local design professionals

Palm Beach Design Masters Co-Owners Joy Jalaeikhoo and Carl Vasile

Here at The Scout Guide, we love a good story.

Even better when it’s tied to one of our talented clients!

Palm Beach Design Masters co-founders Joy Jalaeikhoo and Carl Vasile met nearly 20 years ago when Joy was working as a healthcare executive developing medical clinics.

Joy hired Carl to design her own home in 2004, and was drawn to Carl both as an individual and a talent.

She later brought him in to work on the clinics she was building out.

As Joy puts it, “this is where it all started”.

Carl’s extensive background in the field and eye for design sparked a passion in Joy that led to a full career flip.

(Fun fact: His work has been published several times in Veranda, House Beautiful, Southern Homes and Victoria magazines)

Joy left healthcare entirely and since then, the duo has opened a shop on Palm Beach with design and build projects ranging from Lake Worth to Palm Beach.

Though they’ve both spent many years up north (Toronto, New York), Palm Beach was the perfect place to put down roots and develop their creative visions.

 Of their shared sense of style Joy says, “Sometimes they say opposites attract – that’s not the case with us! If you put twenty samples in front of us…we’d pick the same thing.”

“He’s taught me so much,” she added.

If you’ve walked down Peruvian Ave, you’ve undoubtedly crossed the street to peek in the windows of their Palm Beach Design Masters shop.

The sidewalk is adorned with shoppable tables, and just inside you’ll find a delightful assortment of items ranging from rattan trays to colorful throw pillows.

But the shop itself is just the tip of the iceberg.


It acts as a sort of office-meets-store, giving clients the opportunity to understand Joy and Carl’s aesthetic while being inspired by textures, colors and materials.

When they’re not in the shop, the majority of their time is spent in the field – meeting with architects, checking in on build projects and sourcing new items for client’s homes.

They service a wide range of clients, from first time homeowners to retirees settling into a vacation home; and everyone gets the special treatment.

“We are very hands on – we don’t delegate to staff. Clients will see me, and see Carl, and no one else until the project is done,” says Joy.

“We’re accessible every day; we’re always here.”


Given the recent boom in Florida real estate, they’ve been particularly busy as of late.

And though business has been strong, COVID has prevented them from embarking on their normal travels – what used to be a key source for design inspiration.

Instead, they’ve turned closer to home.

“London and New York are where our inspirations have come from…we love traveling through the city. It’s old and it’s new…and there are amazing interior designers who are absolutely fantastic.”

Our own little island here in Palm Beach, just look at the architecture; it’s so beautiful and so old.


Even Palm Beach Daily news is an amazing source of inspiration…it’s great to look and see what everybody else is doing around us.”


And while they certainly have a strong residential portfolio, commercial is also a big piece of the pie; including a recent 12,000 sq ft project!


Some advice for approaching that first step?

“Clients always want to know, what do you want us to do? We tell them, don’t do anything. Just buy a couple of design magazines, mark what is appealing to you, and we’ll go from there,” says Joy.

“We don’t like to bombard the client…you show us what looks beautiful to you.”


Do yourself a favor and pop by the shop, located at 326 Peruvian Ave Suite 9, Palm Beach, FL 33480 or visit them online at .


Written by Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan