Leeward Staffing: Where Exceptional Service is Standard

Searching for the perfect fit in staff? Leeward Staffing is your lifeline!

With two decades of business excellence, Leeward Staffing excels in understanding their client’s unique requirements and provide a diverse array of top-tier professionals tailored to match the necessary skillset. 

Whether you’re in search of seasoned estate managers, private chefs, spa and wellness practitioners, childcare specialists, or recreation and sport professionals, Leeward Staffing boasts a wealth of exceptional talent.

What truly distinguishes Leeward Staffing is their profound grasp of the intricate demands and preferences of their clientele as they cater predominantly to Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals and families  – their mastery in this exclusive market is unrivaled by any staffing company.

With Leeward Staffing, you’re not just getting staff; you’re gaining access to a team of dedicated experts committed to your vision.

Leeward Staffing is based out of Palm Beach, but their network extends globally – sourcing talent and securing placements worldwide!

Their staff’s collective background of over 2 million miles traveled enhances their service quality, fosters cultural sensitivity, and enables them to adapt to the global and complex lifestyles of UHNW clients.

Leeward Staffing takes great pride in every placement as it is more than a mere matching of skills.

Their vetting process begins with in-depth interviews that scrutinize skills, professionalism, and interpersonal finesse. Once the candidate clears the interview, they undergo federal background checks, reference verifications, and a thorough social media review.

Leeward Staffing takes it a step further by obtaining a confidentiality agreement from every member of their roster as a testament to their unwavering dedication to safeguarding the privacy of their clientele.  

Now, let us introduce to you the incredible man behind it all!

Meet JJ McDonough – a true Floridian! Growing up with a mother managing fine dining restaurants and a father captaining yachts, JJ’s early exposure to this exclusive industry was pivotal in honing his expertise in impeccable service.

With his foundation in mind, JJ reflects, “It was during my formative years that I gained a profound appreciation for the fulfillment derived from delivering exceptional service, particularly within the realm of hospitality.”

JJ’s leadership, knowledge, and experience have led Leeward Staffing to thrive in the high-stakes world of UHNW communities, where exceptional service is the only option.

He further asserts, “As the founder and CEO of Leeward Staffing, my daily motivation stems from the opportunity to positively impact people’s lives. Knowing that our work helps individuals find meaningful employment and families secure reliable domestic support is truly inspiring.”

Passionately dedicated to achieving the highest standards, JJ adds, “What drives me to push the boundaries in the concierge domestic staffing industry is the ever-evolving nature of the field. I’m energized by the challenges and opportunities it presents, and I’m committed to innovating and striving for excellence.”

This dedication is mirrored by their client-staff matching approach as JJ emphasized, “We consider compatibility with high regard when making placements, ensuring that staff members integrate seamlessly into the client’s lifestyle.”

Say goodbye to the endless search for the right personnel! Your valuable time and energy are preserved.

Their seasoned professionals, who undergo continual training and personal growth, hold an average tenure of at least five years on a property – ensuring you’re not just acquiring staff, but a committed, reliable team that understands the nuances of your operation/life.

Thanks to his thorough understanding of hospitality in UHNW communities, JJ confidently said, “Longevity is important to us, and we do our best to provide the best match for both the client and staff.”

JJ McDonough wears many impressive hats.

In addition to Leeward Staffing, he is the Founder & CEO of Leeward Luxury, offering the most exclusive and luxurious vacation destinations.

Beyond his successful business, he is an esteemed member of member of the Domestic Estate Managers Association, Hypoluxo Island Board, Palm Beach County Preservation Society, and the Surfrider Foundation.

JJ’s guiding philosophy reflects not only his personal ethos but also his approach to leadership as he shares “I live by a daily mantra, one that I share with both my children and my business teams: strive to be better than you were yesterday and embrace opportunities for growth by learning from our mistakes.”

He exudes an infectious inspiration that elevates not only his own success, but uplifts those in his orbit!

Looking ahead to the future  – Leeward Staffing is taking it to the next level!

They are currently in the process of acquiring another boutique staffing agency, DOUBLING their position database!

But that’s not all – an upcoming launch of their cutting-edge app will revolutionize how employers and employees connect, vet, and hire.

With these expanded services and staff, they are excited to exceed the expectations for even more families this season!

Find your perfect match in domestic staffing by checking out Leeward Staffing’s website or follow along on Instagram @leewardstaffing.

Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.