Is your pup a VIP(aw)? Here's how to treat them like one.


Every pet owner knows the fear and hesitation that comes with leaving our fur babies alone, whether it be for the workday or a weeklong vacation.

Dogs are family members and we wouldn’t send a child or sibling to just any old run-of-the-mill hotel, right?

We get it.

But not as much as Very Important Paws owner Will Corrente and Chief Experience Officer, Katrina, really get it.

We chatted with them at their West Palm Beach offices this past week to learn more about their background, and what our pups can expect from the Very Important Paws experience.

Written by TSG Contributing editor, Kate Rowan

Having had them his entire life, Will Corrente was already a pretty serious dog guy.

When a volunteer opportunity at (at another one of our favorite TSG members) Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League popped up nearly 20 years ago, he jumped on it.

In doing so he met his now co-founder of 17 years, Marc Street, who urged him to get into the field of dog training.

A lightbulb moment when driving past The Breakers – a luxury hotel for dogs, of course – was the final piece of the puzzle that got him where he is today.

So much more than a hotel, Very Important Paws offers a varied range of services for your pup.


Chief Experience Officer, Katrina, shared some more details around what clients come to the facility for.

“The key things we offer, number one is doggy daycare. They can come and socialize with other dogs, be in a dog pack mode, and get out all that extra energy while their parents are working,” she says.

Got a pup with a little extra energy to burn? They’re up for the challenge at Very Important Paws, where they also offer a doggy day camp program.

Your dog will be in a state of canine bliss while playing outside for five hours, engaging in games like tug-of-war, puzzles, and did we mention, a dip in the puppy pool?

No day is complete without an afternoon snack of cookies and ice cream (dog friendly, of course) before sending your furry friend home properly tuckered out.

Holidays call for extra special celebrations, including a visit from Santa Paws at Christmas, A NYE bash, and most recently, an MDW BBQ.

These pups come to pawty!

I digress – back to Katrina on services offered.

“We also offer boarding; when parents go away they need somewhere to send their babies to that they can trust,” she says.

Serious animal lovers, we wanted to dig in a little bit more to hear about how our babies would be treated when left alone for a long weekend getaways.

“We treat these dogs like our own babies,” says Katrina, “And all babies are different. When they come in we have to learn their behaviors, what they like and what they don’t like.


We’ll go over feedings, medication, and any other concierge services they like to add in such as the pool.”

Dogs are then lead into daycare grouped with the same size and temperament dogs, going outside every two hours for bathroom breaks and some time in the sunshine, always monitored by staff who keep the peace, and the (fresh filtered) water flowing.

At the end of the day, they’ll retreat to their individual suites (note Very Important Paws does not use cages) for dinner followed by pre-bedtime walks.

Staff is on hand 24 hours a day, so for any pups in need of a late night walk or any extra attention, they’ve got you covered there as well.

Did we mention they stay and board during hurricanes?

Katrina, back to you.


“We also offer obedience training for the babies in need of some touchups with basics or socialization skills (not everybody’s perfect a lot of dogs come from shelters).”

Lastly, they have a full-service grooming department that ranges from a quick coif touch up to doggy pedicures and bath time.

Looking for a customer testimony? You could check out their 5-star Facebook rating.

Or even better – their multi-generational repeat customer.

Whether it’s the passing of a beloved pup and its subsequent replacement, or just a new addition to the pack, Will cited countless clients that have returned to Very Important Paws over the course of ten or 15 years.

Feels like a no-brainer, right?

If you’re not already a client, give them a ring today.

The comprehensive introductory call alone (20+ minutes learning about your dog) should leave you feeling secure in your decision.


Very Important Paws is located at 418 Park Pl, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 or visit them online at