Four Arts, For Everyone

In the final week of 2021, we spent a sunny afternoon at one of our very favorite Palm Beach organizations – The Society of the Four Arts.

Guided by Communications Associate Kristin Aiello, we covered a lot of ground – both literally and figuratively!

We toured the auditoriums and art exhibitions.

We walked the sculpture garden.

We checked out the demonstration kitchen.

We even got a sneak peek into the rare book room – insider tip, ask for Betse!

At the end of the day, it felt like a true VIP experience.

But that’s the thing about The Four Arts – as a nonprofit founded with a mission to inspire and engage people, a special and fulfilling experience is what’s offered to all visitors from all walks of life whenever they visit.

In this sense, The Four Arts is truly one of a kind.

While a (highly coveted) membership does exist, general programming is open to the public often at no charge.

In fact, its motto – Four Arts, For Everyone – is in motion at every turn. Lectures for adults, interactive learning experiences for children and everything in between fill the calendar with culturally rich and intellectually stimulating offerings.

Take a walk with us to revisit our time at The Four Arts and learn more about all the opportunities you have to get involved with this wonderful organization.

To kick us off, how about a little pop quiz: what ARE the four arts?

Kristin looped us in with the answer: Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Literature, all of which are offered by the organization.

 Depending on your specific interests or how much time you have to spend, you can focus your time on one (or all!) of the four while visiting The Four Arts campus.



Inside the O’Keeffe building, you can check out rotating installations housing in a classic Addison Mizner building. Our highlight from this past visit was Windy Chien’s “Knot a day” pandemic era project – not to be missed!

While Mom and Dad check out the art, the kids can be learning a new skill – like how to weave!

Interactive educational components are a staple of many exhibitions to make sure that everyone in the family is entertained.

“There’s a huge emphasis on education here at The Four Arts,” notes Kristin. “It makes art more approachable and more engaging.”

Don’t forget to peruse the sculpture garden where, despite their size, sculptures move and change on a somewhat regular basis. For the kids? A ‘scout the sculpture’ guide, of course!

You’ll likely catch sketching artists, hobby photographers and maybe even some wedding photos, as the gardens are in consistently immaculate shape.

We have the Garden Club of Palm Beach to thank for that, who maintains and designs the botanicals in partnership with the groundskeepers.



Both the Children’s library and King library for adults are open to the public year-round, with book discussions and author signings you won’t want to miss.

One of the special programs highlighted by Kristin is the “Florida Voices Series”, where local authors come to speak about their book, interact for Q&A sessions and participate in book signings.

Having grown up locally herself, as a child she’d believed The Four Arts to be “a library for Palm Beach”.

“What I learned in working here is that, it really is Four Arts For Everyone. We want you to come! Visitors can learn something they’d never thought about before, meet like-minded and curious people…its such a welcoming place,” she shared.



“Usually we have between 10-15 musical acts that come each year,” shared Kristin. “Quite a bit of chamber music…performers from Jazz at Lincoln center…we usually have a Motown or soul act every year, and Bluegrass as well.”



The Four Arts hosts HD screenings from the Bolshoi Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera, National Theatre Live, and special presentations. A Friday Film Series screens the best in independent, documentary, and blockbuster second-run films. Reservations and tickets are available in advance.


Theres so much to enjoy at The Four Arts, particularly during season, so here’s a few upcoming program highlights for January.

Exhibit: An Eye On Michelangelo and Bernini: Photographs by Aurelio Amendola through January 30 :

Sally Mann, “Down the Rabbit Hole” on Tuesday, January 25:

Hoodooland with Priscilla Rattazzi on Thursday, January 27:

Culinary Programs in the Demonstration Kitchen:

Jazz Up Home Delivered Food with Flavorings and Presentations on Thursday, January 13 at 10 a.m. :

To accommodate those who feel more comfortable enjoying from home, keep your eyes peeled for the extensive virtual and hybrid programming offered by the organization.