Getting to Know: Rothrock Construction

Don and his wife Kelly of Rothrock Construction build elegant and unique oceanfront, Intracoastal, deepwater, country club, and equestrian estate homes with no exception to additions and renovations. From commercial projects such as offices, private airports, hospitals, and multi-story; mixed-use buildings. Our sister guide, TSG Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Assistant Editor Alex sat down with the couple to find out more about the success that is Rothrock Construction.

TSG: Can you share a bit about the evolution of the business since its founding 25+ years ago?

RC: As an Architectural graduate from Florida State University, I wanted to use my talents not only to design very customized homes but building quality homes for my clients.  Working as a contractor for one of the Forbes top 100, we were able to branch our company by representing clients in design and building custom homes. We believe in small boutique buildings with hands-on approach for our clients.

TSG: What areas do you service in South Florida, and where outside of SOFL would you love to construct a project?

RC: Right now we are constructing projects from the Florida Keys up to our most recent project in Jacksonville, FL.  Throughout our career, we have built projects throughout the United States and overseas.  An area outside of South Florida we would love to have a project in is The Hamptons, we appreciate the charm and more classic style of the homes.

TSG: As a husband & wife you’ve got quite the team. What do each of you bring to the table in terms of expertise?

RC: I’m lucky to work alongside my wife, but people are surprised how little we get to spend together during the day.  Kelly is involved with client selections, and office management for our staff in the office and sounding board out in the field.  She has more of a management mentality, I am always thinking outside the box sketching on my IPAD or out in the field directly.  Sitting down for dinner is our time to have our daily meeting and making decisions together

TSG: Can you share a bit about how you each got into the industry?

RC: When I met Kelly back when I was working on a project in St. Louis, we shared many things in common, specifically construction and interior design.  Many people do not know that Kelly’s mother was a builder in Southern Illinois back in the early 90’s. 

Kelly spent most her childhood on job sites and always enjoyed the creativity and process of the field.  We always knew that once we were married, we would work as a team and grow Rothrock Construction.  I would not be where we are today if I didn’t have her support for myself and our team.

TSG: With so many options in Palm Beach County, what makes Rothrock Construction the right partner?

RC: There are some really great construction companies in our area, but we have yet to find a single owner who is a builder with a master’s degree in architecture. For clients looking for a full-service start-to-finish project, there is no comparison.

TSG: In terms of the market, what do you expect to change in the next year?

RC: What we are seeing currently in the market is a slowing of tract building and speculative building due to high-interest rates.  I foresee that within the next year, interest rates will start to go down then you will see the push once again within the tract-building communities in high-growth cities.

TSG: What do you anticipate will stay the same?

RC: We believe that people will continue to move to Florida and South Florida specifically will always have a high demand for custom home building.

TSG: Share some accolades/accomplishments from the past year.

RC: Anytime you wrap up a new client’s home and see their smile or the (happy) tears in their eyes, that is the greatest accomplishment.

TSG: What advice would you share with first-time home builder/renovator?

RC: Goodness, great question here. Building and/or renovating a home can be very intimidating but I would say do it because it’s your passion and you love it. Then call us!

TSG: We’ve seen a significant increase in people relocating to SOFL, what do you think makes it so special? what do you love about living here?

RC: We believe people are moving to South Florida for a better quality of life.  For anyone who is active or looking to meet similar interested people, South Florida is the place to live.  I have moved everyone from New York, Charleston, SC to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Florida truly has the friendliest people; great weather and I would not choose to live anywhere else.

TSG: Tell us something we don’t know about you or that would surprise our readers?

RC: I was on the golf team while in high school in Albuquerque New Mexico and played with some very talented players who are now playing professionally.  I later went to Florida State University on a golf scholarship thinking I would become the next Tiger Woods.  Sophomore year of college I ended up buying an old warehouse with my college roommate which later turned into a nightclub called “The Louve”.  I later sold my share of the club in 19999.  It has since been torn down and is a parking garage for the Florida State Stadium.  My wife loves to bring out the album with my club day photos, she just can’t stop laughing about the long hair in a ponytail.  

So the real question is why not work with Rothrock Construction? They’re built on honesty, hard work, and absolute dedication to successful projects – that makes them THE BEST!

2149 US-1, Jupiter, FL 33477

(561) 223-6545