Getting by with a little (a lot) of help from our friends at Luxury Logistics


Michelle Boren is the master of dirty work.

No, we aren’t talking about doing the dishes or taking out the trash, but rather the nitty gritty, time consuming stuff that comes with a move – whether it be local or to another state.

Known as ‘The Connector’, Michelle manages to juggle everything from sales and leasing to mortgage banking and property insurance.

You know – all the not-so-fun parts of putting down roots in a new location.

With a focus on New York-to-Florida moves – ever relevant, nowadays – Michelle’s company, simply put, makes it all easier.

Michelle has established Luxury Logistics with the expertise to set you at ease during an otherwise stressful process.

We connected with this awesome female founder to learn more about the company, and be (easily) convinced as to why we’ll be booking her for our next relocation.



TSG:  Luxury Logistics covers a lot of bases in terms of services. Can you describe what it is your company provides?

LL: While we certainly do offer a wide breadth of complimentary services, we are experts in Mortgage Banking and Property Insurance.

Each project we start is like a unique puzzle. We are problem solvers at heart, intuitively discerning the services our clients need. With the motto, “The Only Real Luxury is Time”, we have the utmost respect for our clients time. As a founder of a women owned business, I partner with strong powerful women who are experts in their fields.  



TSG: What’s the scope of your service range? 

LL: There’s a lot of psychology involved in matching a client with the most effective and appropriate real estate agent, mortgage lender, insurance brokerage, et cetera. We take pride in really getting to know you so we can appreciate your needs and provide more customized services that cater to unique situations. We do not consider our job done until you are fully immersed in your new community.


TSG: Tell us about how you got into this field, and how has your work evolved over the years?

LL: After a long career in financial services specializing in wealth management and real estate financing, I found myself spending the majority of my free time helping friends and family with all aspects of their move including finding financing, contract negotiation and the often complicated Florida property insurance policy. Then I became a full-time project manager for my own 4500 sq foot renovation on a 1930’s Monterey style house, and it clicked for me that my real passion was helping those around me with their logistical needs.

 That is where I was finding joy – thrive on staying busy and being efficient. I have now found a way to marry my financial and logistical strengths into Luxury Logistics, a full service mortgage lending and property insurance company. I have found having one professional oversee every detail of your home purchase often eliminates important details being overlooked.



TSG: What makes your business unique?

LL: Managing a relocation requires in-depth knowledge of real estate, contract negotiation, mortgage financing, permitting, tax rules and regulations, and financial reporting. We connect the people, infrastructure, technology, expertise, and insights in one package. This is what defines us as leaders in the Florida and New York markets.

I will personally oversee all aspects of the financial piece of your relocation- I will keep a close watch on your financing and insurance to be sure that you have an expert on your side. I have also been known to go the extra mile to help clients open the door to their next chapter.


TSG: Why is partnering with the Scout Guide an important connection for your business?

LL: Scout Guide is young, fresh and exciting.

Everyone involved really has their finger on the pulse of our community!

Not to mention Stacey and her team are great at connecting local entrepreneurs and business leaders.


TSG: With managing so many others’ time, do you have any free to yourself? And how do you use it?

LL:  In addition to acting as Guardian Ad Litem for at-risk youth for the Palm Beach County foster care system, I serve on the executive board of the Global Empowerment Mission, where I travel globally to aid those affected by disaster. Global Empowerment Mission is an incredible organization run by Michael Cappoini that has grown exponentially in the last decade and is now able to help disaster victims worldwide.

Get in touch with Michelle and the team at or call them at 561-889-9655

 Written by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan