From the mines of Brazil to the shores of florida with Irene Lummertz

In a crowded landscape of emerging jewelers, Brazilian Gemologist Irene Lummertz does not get lost in the mix. Instead, she stands apart by creating unique yet timeless pieces that appeal to a broad range of consumers. Supported by a commitment to using all-natural precious and semi-precious gemstones from her home country, Irene has leveraged her eye for jewelry and design to build a business uniquely her own. And to say she’s hands-on, would be an understatement.

She designs all of the pieces you’ll find in the collection herself; every detail and decision is finalized by the visionary herself.

In addition to the evolving designs within the seasonal collection, Lummertz continues to offer customized and monogrammed services for clients with something extra special in mind.

But her creativity doesn’t stop at jewelry.

Not one to settle for the same old thing, Lummertz leveraged downtime during the pandemic to experiment with household design, resulting in a collection of custom doorknobs, cabinet pulls and jewelry boxes made completely out of rock crystal. 

If you’re a regular reader, you know how much we love a driven, creative female business owner. It never ceases to impress and inspire.

But enough from us – here’s more from the source, the creative mind herself, Irene Lummertz.

TSG: We hear you inherited your passion for jewelry. Tell us more about that.

IL: My father is a gemologist in Brazil and I have been surrounded by gemstones my whole life.  Seeing the passion my father has for the gemstones helps me to have a better appreciation of them.  My mother taught me to appreciate fine art, fashion and design. She has a love of all arts and is always an inspiration to me.

TSG: Can you share some details about your work with the mines in craftsman in Brazil?

IL: I travel to Brazil often to meet with the craftsmen and to see new material that has been mined. And to also work on a few new designs and concepts I have in mind. Its amazing to see the raw stones that have just been mined from the earth, I love seeing the new material and ways I’m going to use them in my designs.

TSG: How does the collection complement it’s Palm Beach setting and vice versa? 

IL: My collection is colorful like the tri color tourmalines compliment the incredible backdrop of Palm Beach…so many green, pinks and blues. The ocean, the lush greenness, everywhere you look… 

TSG: How would you describe the collection in five words or less? 

IL: I would describe my collection as romantic, colorful, timeless and one of a kind.

TSG: Are you working on anything exciting that you can share with us? 

IL: I am working on some really exciting things, but I hope to share all the details with you this upcoming season, and its wonderful news that’s going to take us internationally!

TSG: How would you describe the Irene Lummertz customer? 

IL: I would describe my clients as worldly, sophisticated and they know exactly what they want. 

TSG: What role does the scout guide partnership play in your business? 

IL: The Scout Guide helps to connect my jewelry to people who might not of heard of the collection before, it’s a great way to connect with everyone!

TSG: Any upcoming events or specials you’d like to share?

IL: I’m planning on having a relaunch of the website and a new reveal of my studio at 256 Worth Ave for the upcoming season!

TSG: Where else can we shop your jewelry aside from your Worth Avenue location?

IL: My pieces can be found on the website, , Christian Sirianos new store in Connecticut “The Collective West” in Westport CT. They can also be found at The Colony Hotel!

TSG: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

IL:I draw inspiration from everywhere! A walk on the beach at sunset, the colors of the sun filtering through leaves on a tree in the morning. I find inspiration in everything daily, especially on the island.

TSG: What’s a fun fact about the brand that customers might not otherwise know?

IL: That I’m constantly working on new designs and new color combinations, my mind is always at work!

TSG: What are your personal go-to pieces?

IL:Some of my personal favorites are the signature bangles, the twist band rings , my charm bracelets and a large trio tourmaline ring. I love the glimmer of the 18k gold.