One of the most fun things about living in a chic beachside town is dressing like it! 

With so many wonderful retailers- many of whom are Scout Guide clients – we’re incredibly blessed with the variety we have to choose from.

But each store and brand really does have its own story to tell.

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to be able to support in some of that storytelling! 

With interviews like these, we hope you’ll be able to get to know some of your local retailers and business owners a bit better, all the while connecting with their brand message and raison d’être.

Enter, Marina Cocher Bergés  — originally from Paris with extensive world travel under her belt, bringing flair from across the globe and translating it with a Palm Beach twist.

When you can’t get to Saint Tropez or the French Caribbean, Marina will bring it directly to you.

French Riviera meets South Florida? This is a combo we can definitely get behind.

 Marina herself has always loved to travel, with a particular emphasis on sunny, beachfront locales.

On one particular tropical trip in 2004, she survived a tsunami in Thailand, forever changing her life.

Seeing this as the second chance it truly was, Marina took the opportunity to chase her passions and open her first boutique.

She wanted it to reflect her ideals of living “gratefully, gracefully and in magnificent color”.

To her, St. Barth encapsulates this and is “the most beautiful island in the world” – so claiming that as the location for her flagship was a no-brainer.

The collection came together organically, reflecting her own personal aesthetic–with style that airs on the side of bohemian, island elegance.

Marina hand-picks her pieces for the shop, inclusive of her own label and designs.

In her words, the shop is “a sun-kissed lifestyle boutique that delivers the experience of travel and provides immediate access to exclusive brands from around the world. Inspired by the art of travel through style, Marina personally casts around the world to bring you the best brands with the best quality.”

 When it came to branding, Marina paid homage to the palm tree she clung to for safety during the tsunami by incorporating one into her brand logo alongside the name of her favorite island.

 We would get more into the details of brands, but where’s the fun in that? You can find Marina’s in-house label, along with emerging designers from around the world.

That’s all we can tell you! According to Marina, “We don’t like to state brands here as I like to keep my selections private, making the customers feel special.”

 When customers shop with her, they’re getting “one-of-a-kind pieces that you truly cannot find anywhere else”.

 “I love seeing my clients surrounded by the beauty that defines my brand and me,” she shared.

St. Barths was just the beginning in terms of storefronts; her next goal was a stateside shop.

Another easy decision came about when she landed on Palm Beach, which she describes as, “a little St. Barth in Florida”. 

“There’s more elegance in Palm Beach than other places. It’s chic,” Cocher shared. “It’s a beautiful place.”  

We couldn’t agree more!

 A beautiful store off Jobs Lane in Southampton rounded out the perfect trio of elegant, beachfront destinations for customers to discover Marina’s curated assortment.

For now, she’s satisfied with these storefronts – but stay tuned for more to come as she builds the brand!

Visit her in Palm Beach at 240 Worth Ave suite 112, Palm Beach, FL 33480

 One last word from Marina –  “I’m so excited to be in Palm Beach and welcome you to my boutique!”