Since 1976, Webb Builders has been bringing world-class construction to South Florida.

Their extensive portfolio includes premium homes, clubhouses, and churches across Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

And that geographic coverage is intentional.

As one of the area’s most reputable builders, they pride themselves on focusing on and improving the local community.

In order to give each client the undivided and highly personalized attention they deserve, Webb limits their area of operations to exclusive communities in Palm Beach and Martin counties.

“Do your due diligence with intensity”, some feedback they shared with us during the interview, has paid off – not only do they have multi-generational family members working within the company but clients and contractors as well.

Most employees have been with the company between 10-30 years!

Though he may not brag about it, Randy Webb, CEO and Founder of Webb Builders, has all the bragging rights he needs to tout his organization as one of the most successful and reliable in the state – and we sure are proud to have him in The Scout Guide family!

Randy grew up in the industry – cutting his teeth with hands-on experience from a young age, ultimately refining his expertise with a degree in construction and a master journeyman’s certification in carpentry.

We caught up with father/daughter duo – and successful business partners – Founder Randy Webb, and COO Kimberly Webb Lague to learn more about how they built this business, what’s changed over the years and what advice they can offer for first-time home buyers.

TSG: How did you get into this field?

WB: My Father had a highly successful Excavating Contracting business. As a young man, I grew up being involved in the family business and working with him in the field. He taught me to have a strong work ethic and to do everything with integrity.

TSG: Can you share a project highlight from the past few years?

WB: Each project we do is extremely unique, challenging, and rewarding. The highlight of every

completed residence is seeing the satisfied expression and gratitude for the efforts and

quality that we put into their home.

TSG: Do Webb Builders focus strictly on South Florida, or a larger geographic region?

WB: We focus exclusively on Palm Beach and Martin counties. Our primary focus is building large estate homes in exclusive communities. We find that Palm Beach and Martin counties offer an abundance of opportunities for our market.

 TSG: How has Covid changed your ways of working?

WB: Covid has changed the way we manage our projects. We are even more proactive in ordering long-lead-time products, and in projecting our subcontractor’s work schedules into the overall timeline. Managing those longer lead times, in both materials and labor, requires a great deal of construction management scheduling and planning.

TSG: Describe your personal aesthetics.

WB: I see each project we do as a piece of art. Each Client and their respective Architect and Designer lays their vision onto a canvas, which we then frame and bring to life. It is our delight to see our client’s excitement and satisfaction once the artwork is completed and they can finally live their vision in their gorgeous new home.

TSG:  How has the recent influx of newcomers shifted your business?

WB: Most of our clients have always had multiple homes throughout the nation and the world. Therefore, we have not found it necessary to transform or reinvent our business plan. We have remained focused on our core mission for the last forty-six years.

TSG: What are some notable trends in the industry right now?

WB: We are seeing much more sophisticated security systems, audiovisual systems, standby generator systems along with higher quality of rare or exotic material selections.

 TSG: Can you share some insider tips for first-time home builders?

WB: Do your due diligence with intensity. Take time to interview multiple Architects and Designers that have a passion for your specific genre. Be patient in selecting your building contractor. Check their references to ensure other Clients’ levels of satisfaction. Ask for examples of how the building contractor provided good communication between the Client, Architect and Designer. Ask if the project was fun and enjoyable upon completion and if the quality and integrity of the builder was impeccable. The cream will always come to the top.

TSG: Where do you see the home building business going over the next 10 years?

WB: As I mentioned before, homes are becoming more sophisticated and complex. That trend will continue, but what I enjoy seeing is a greater focus on both aesthetics and living conveniences which make each residence more family-friendly.

TSG: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

WB: I draw my inspiration from Biblical principles. These principles require putting the Clients before ourselves, to go the extra mile to satisfy them, and performing all work at the highest level of both quality and integrity. Our satisfied clients, who are ecstatic to see their dream become a reality, inspire us to keep moving forward with this proven formula for success.

TSG: What makes Webb Builders stand out from the competition?

WB: I really cannot compare Webb Builders, LLC to other competitors. I can only analyze whether or not we are doing what we’re supposed to do correctly. We have developed a culture for Webb Builders, LLC over the decades that requires that we work to the best of our ability to provide a quality project, on a timely basis, and with the utmost integrity. We give each client our undivided attention and personalized service. We create unique and inviting homes that reflect their individual preferences and lifestyles, and we do not compromise our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients.

TSG: Why is partnering with The Scout Guide significant to your business?

WB: We have a well-earned reputation but recognize it can change instantly with one bad experience. The Scout Guide chooses outstanding businesses to work with and sets the bar for clients looking for the best. This Partnership continues as another source of validation that we are exactly what we claim. People hear of us from their friends or through word of mouth. Seeing our name with examples of our work in print adds credibility to what they have already heard.

 TSG: What about being a local business owner is meaningful to you?

WB: The simplest answer is relationships. The relationships we have cultivated with our clients, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and professional Partners in our community are very important and meaningful to us.

Our employees are our extended family. Many have been with us for ten, twenty, and even thirty years. We have multiple families who work together in our company, and they aren’t all “Webbs!” Each person within the Webb Builders family is a critical part of our success. Our President, Jesse Fors is one of the Thirty-Year Club Members.

Our clients know they will see familiar faces caring for their homes, and that we will continue to serve

them long after their home is built. In addition to multi-generation employees, we have multi-generation clients! We have several continuing Clients, for whom we built their homes, and later their children’s homes.

The same is true for many of our professional Partners, Subcontractors, and suppliers. Many have worked with us for decades. They know what to expect from us and what we expect from them.

These relationships are critical to our health and well-being. Being a vital member of the local community with the ability to support and contribute to that community is an extremely important part of what we do.

Being respected and appreciated for the completed work that our company does is both fulfilling and rewarding to all of us at Webb Builders, LLC.