Elevating Artistic Experiences: Explore the Visionary World of Melissa Delprete and mtn space

Welcome to a world where creativity thrives and artistic wonders unfold at every turn!

 Step inside mtn space, a contemporary art gallery that has taken Lake Worth by storm!

 Established in 2020, this hidden gem, nestled within the art deco cornerstone, has quickly become THE SPOT for emerging talents and established artists to showcase their masterpieces.

 But here’s the thing–mtn space is so much more than just a gallery! It’s a vibrant sanctuary crafted to ignite the senses, foster meaningful connections, and spark innovative ideas.

Mtn space stands firm in its unwavering commitment to its core values, continually evolving to elevate the artistic experience for all.

To gain a deeper understanding of the mesmerizing world within mtn space, we had the privilege to sit down with the visionary force behind it all – Melissa Delprete!

 As the proud owner of this captivating space, Melissa brings her artistic genius and curation expertise to breathe life into every corner of her contemporary gallery. 

Prepare to be mesmerized by the sheer brilliance that unfolds within these walls, guided by the extraordinary — Melissa Delprete!

 TSG: Tell us about mtn space!

Melissa Delprete: mtn space is a contemporary art gallery located in an art deco cornerstone of Downtown Lake Worth Beach. We are dedicated to highlighting the work of emerging and established artists via our thought-provoking and rigorous exhibition program.


TSG: Could you provide some insight into the types of emerging and established artist that have graced the walls of mtn space?

Melissa Delprete: The artists we work with come from a vast demographic — many are based in Palm Beach County, but we also work with artists from Miami, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Berlin. All have an active practice and are creating work we feel is informed, timely, and experimental.


 TSG: What’s the vibe at mtn space? How would you describe the atmosphere and experience that visitors can expect when they come to mtn space?

Melissa Delprete: Contemporary, relaxed, refreshing, and sophisticated.


TSG: The mtn space website states: “A space to engage in the arts, gather, and exchange ideas.” Can you some details about how mtn space brings this vision to life?

Melissa Delprete: We see the gallery as a creative hub where all are welcome, from experienced collectors to those just beginning to learn about art. Whether we are hosting an opening reception, artist talk, Pride brunch, meditation, or album release party, we love to engage with visitors and provide an inclusive, open-minded space for conversation.

 TSG: What sparked the brilliant idea to create mtn space gallery in 2020? We’d love to hear about the inspiration and vision behind it!

Melissa Delprete: When I moved to South Florida, I was amazed by the amount of talented artists in this area, which was the initial spark. Lake Worth Beach itself is such an artistic place, and many residents were seeking out a gallery experience. I really wanted to provide that service to the community.


TSG: mtn space… that name sparks curiosity! Is there a story behind selecting this name?

Melissa Delprete: I spent a large part of my career in mountainous regions, so when I decided to embark on this endeavor I thought it would be nice to pay homage to the humbling nature of these regions. Mountain ranges have a high concentration of mass, and therefore have the capacity to create a strong gravitational field. I think this is a beautiful metaphor for the sheer awesomeness of what art can do for people. It draws us in and teaches us about ourselves.  


TSG: mtn space sounds like the swankiest contemporary art gallery in town! What makes mtn space shine brighter than other contemporary art galleries? We’re all about the unique and extraordinary!

Melissa Delprete: Our programming is extremely unique and extraordinary. Our upcoming exhibitions will feature the work of Ates Isildak, whose photography highlights local subcultures; Marcela Ramos Castillo, whose figurative paintings center on her upbringing as a Mexican American woman; and Manuela Gonzalez, whose textiles exalt the medium despite it being cast aside by art history until recently.

 TSG: We’re dying to know more about the owner and artist behind mtn space, Melissa DelPrete! Tell us about you and your artwork!

Melissa Delprete: I received my BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and my MA in Art Education. My paintings and drawings are not only a spiritual and self reflective practice for myself but also an invitation to explore, imagine, and look inward. Our Director, Tina Caso, received her BA in Art History from Vassar and her MA in Art Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She also studied Art History and Aesthetics abroad at St Andrews in Scotland. She brings almost a decade of art world experience, and we make a great team.


TSG: Do you offer commission work for custom paintings and drawings?

Melissa Delprete: We do work with select artists who are happy to provide this service!


TSG: What exciting events can we look forward to at mtn space? We don’t want to miss out on any art openings or fabulous gatherings!

Melissa Delprete: We do have events coming up this summer and fall. Please stay posted on our IG stories (@mtnspacegallery) and/or join our mailing list (mtnspace.com/gallery) to stay up to date on all art openings and events. 

 Experience art like never before at mtn space gallery! Dive into their captivating world at www.mtnspace.com and follow their journey on Instagram @mtnspacegallery!

 Written by TSG Palm Beach Contributing Editor, Jana Piragic.