Designing The New Palm Beach with Krista + Home


Krista Watterworth Alterman, Creative Director and Founder of KRISTA + HOME simply cannot be put in a box.

From actress and TV host to interior designer and adjunct professor, she’s a true renaissance woman – and one of our favorite clients to chat with!

We caught up with her last week to discuss her background, her business, and why being a part of The Scout Guide Palm Beach is important to her.

Interview by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan


TSG: As the founder and creative director, tell us about how and why you got started.  

KA: In my early 20’s, I was studying Acting at The New School in NYC, making the rounds in Los Angeles and Manhattan auditioning for pilot season. On a whim, I auditioned for an HGTV show, booked it, and realized that I better learn more about design. So, I ended up back at The New School to study at Parsons School of Design!

After working in television for years and hosting two HGTV series, Krista + Home was born. Running a full-service interior design firm and helping people create gorgeous homes throughout South Florida is truly a dream. Also, for the past year I have had the honor of being an adjunct professor of interior design at Parsons!  I have really come full circle.



TSG: You offer a range of services across building, furniture and finishing. What would you say customers come to you for most often?  

KA: Through years of careful listening, I have learned that my clients are looking for a unique, one-of a-kind design that reflects their family. They want an expert who can make their decor dreams come true! And they want our signature style, The New Palm Beach™.

We curate a home to reflect each family in a unique, creative way while remaining polished and sophisticated. Our goal? To design a home that complements each family and lifestyle, one that is both livable and luxurious. They also want to make their home projects stress-free. They count on us to handle every detail, so their project is seamless. We also see a lot of clients coming to us wanting a complete turn-key experience. We happily offer clients many concierge services which can include everything from stocking a kitchen with every essential to unpacking and professional organizing services.



TSG: How has your company changed/evolved over the years? 

KA: I think through the years I have realized the value in having an outstanding team behind me.  Designing is only a small part of what I do. There is so much more to running a successful design business. Even though the company is called KRISTA + HOME, I am not a one-woman show. We are a full-service interior design firm. My team is a group of highly skilled, experienced, and fun individuals. We take our work seriously and pride ourselves on great customer service and passion for design.

Our work family is special to me. We work very hard, but we play hard too.


TSG: Tell us what it meant to you in receiving your 2021 accolades (named a “Top Women Led Business” in Florida by the Commonwealth Institute and “Best of Palm Beach” by The Palm Beach Post in the interior decorating category).  

KA: It is always an honor to be recognized with an award, but the Top Women Led Businesses is a particularly special one.  I am so proud to be a female business owner and almost our entire staff is female – we are truly a crew of girl bosses.


TSG: In your mind, what sets you apart from other businesses?  

KA: We listen. Truly listening to your client base is crucial. What are their needs? What do they love? How can you serve them in the best possible way?  I have learned through the years that providing outstanding service is crucial. At KRISTA + HOME we like to say that providing outstanding service to our clients “is our calling”. So, what does that really mean?  It means truly listening on a deep level to see how we can best serve our customers. It means going above and beyond, doing things before they ask and taking that extra step to keep them engaged and happy. Strong communication with your customers is also key. For us, that means lots of updates, meetings, and site visits. Let’s face it—interior design is a luxury service so I have found that luxury, concierge, top-level service is something my clients expect…and they should! We are constantly looking for ways to up the ante and give them outstanding service. It’s about listening, small touches and always finding a solution, no matter what the challenge is.


TSG: What do you want customers to know about the business that they otherwise might not?  

KA: Sometimes all you need is furniture and paint!  People often think that to refresh your home you really need to do a full-blown renovation. Our popular Furnishing Service is not just about furniture – it can include wallpaper, rugs, drapery and lighting, the whole package! It is amazing to see the transformations of some of these homes with no renovation required.



TSG: What do you love most about your work?

KA: I love working in such a creative industry and collaborating with my interesting clients and talented team towards a shared vision. Seeing our work come to life in the final install never gets old – it is truly magical.


TSG: Why is being a part of The Scout Guide important to you? 

KA: I think our brands and aesthetics align well – and our audiences do too.  All our clients read The Scout Guide!   The first time I flipped through the magazine, I knew we had to be a part of it. I love connecting with new and potential clients and other businesses through the Scout community. We always keep a stack of Scout Guides on our counter in the front of our retail workspace and offer them to visitors!



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