The Art of Calligraphy and Engraving with Martha of Cypher Arts

Palm Beach season is upon us – which subsequently means so is the season of in-store events and activations! At The Scout Guide Palm Beach, we are in the business of sharing all things LIVE. LOVE. LOCAL.

With that said, when we discovered Cypher Arts, we felt that we must share all about this incredible fine paper goods and event service small business with our loyal readers.

Whether you are a business owner looking to host events in-store this season or if you are trying to get a jump start on personalized gift ideas for the holidays, Cypher Arts has something unique for you.

Keep reading to discover more from Martha Trethewey, founder and artist behind Cypher Arts.

TSG: Tell us a little about you and your business!
CA: My name is Martha Trethewey and I am the founder and artist behind Cypher Arts. I’m left-handed – so I have always been obsessed with my handwriting, and I began practicing the art of calligraphy over five years ago for my own wedding! After practicing my craft and making place cards for the weddings of family and friends, I decided to open a calligraphy and engraving studio.

TSG: What is the meaning behind your brand name?

CA: A “cypher” has a few meanings, but it usually is translated into a code or monogram. I love the idea of a cypher for calligraphy and engraving because everything I make feels like a coded love message from one person to another – whether it’s a gift of perfume from a husband to wife, or the gift of a beautifully addressed envelope from a couple to their loved ones. The art of calligraphy and engraving is slow and thoughtful. When you receive an item that is hand-written or engraved, you know someone spent extra effort to make it. To me, that’s the greatest show of love! Everything I create is designed to be a personalized heirloom that my clients want to keep forever.

TSG: Out of all the services you offer, what is your favorite?

CA: I love everything I do, but on-site engraving, calligraphy and painting are my favorite! I enjoy interacting with clients and hearing the story behind the message I create for them.

TSG: What is one of the most memorable engraving events you’ve done?
CA: One of the most memorable events I worked was a perfume engraving job for Cartier on Father’s Day weekend. I’m a new mother, so seeing families of all kinds light up at the gifts for their fathers and grandfathers felt so special to me. The messages I engraved that day reminded me of how thankful I am for the fathers in my life.

TSG: Do you offer any lessons in calligraphy or engraving?
CA: I love to teach calligraphy! I’m a former high school teacher, so it comes very naturally to me. I’m available for private parties, corporate events, and any type of event at restaurants, hotels, or anywhere else!

TSG: How can our Scout Guide readers contact you to inquire about your services for an event or personal use?
CA: I’m always available for inquiries by email at [email protected]. My portfolio and contact are available on my website and at Instagram @cypher_arts_ !