An interview with the Editor

It’s a rare occasion that we get the chance to sit down with our Editor, Stacey — between running four Scout Guides and her packed social schedule, she’s a busy one!

But this month is a particularly special scenario, as volume 11 is upon us, and we’re beyond excited.

So as we gear up for another fabulous launch – a celebration of the artisans, entrepreneurs, and makers behind the exceptional small businesses in Palm Beach County – we got some quality time with Stacey to reflect, look forward, and of course, get her best insider tips.
Keep reading here for our sitdown with Stacey.

Written by TSG Contributing Editor, Kate Rowan

Stacey, how are you?! We missed you this summer.

I’m so excited to be back in Palm Beach! I always say, it’s the little slice of paradise I’m delighted to call “home”.

It’s our favorite time of year. The launch of the new guide!! What are you most excited for with volume 11 and 2023?
“It’s so fun to see something you’ve worked so hard on for a year come together.
Coming off of a big anniversary (our ten year) it’s about how can we make this bigger, better…
This is the first time we’re sharing this news but…
This is the biggest guide the scout guide has ever produced in the history of the company!

AMAZING!! Tell us more.

I feel like we’re growing and getting better — our new markets overlap so well (Hamptons, Palm Beach, Jupiter/PBG and Nantucket) and help each other.
People know us from different markets and come to us as a trusted resource— where to go, what to eat, what to do.

It’s such a useful tool, and there’s such a range of businesses and individuals who work with us at the Scout Guide. How can potential partners know if they might be a fit too?

We’ve got a really great mix, tons of new businesses as well as some longtime favorites.
People will call and say “I know you don’t have anyone like us in your guide, but..” and our response to that is, our vision is to help all small businesses grow, no matter where or what you are.
We want to support and celebrate you in whatever we can – it doesn’t have to be our traditional categories; we’re open to anything new.

That’s great. So what does taking the first step look like?

The first step is to reach out to me! The Scout Guide is so different from other publications because we are not just about advertising. It’s truly a partnership, and we want to support businesses in getting as much out of it as possible.

It’s definitely unique. How would you describe the role of The Scout Guide on both a national and local level?

The Scout Guide is such a wonderful thing because it has a national presence with the mission of supporting the local economy. Between the pandemic and the economy, that mission is more important than ever. You have someone in each market who knows the businesses, the lay of the land, everyone in town and all the best spots. You become the local expert and a resource!

We’re glad you brought that up – as our Palm Beach insider, we want to get your thoughts on some Palm Beach tips!

Perfect weeknight dinner?

I’m usually at Honor Bar or Pizza al fresco!

Best workout in town?

Yoga Society, SoulCycle, or rollerblading the Lake Trail!

Shopping for Holiday Gifts?

Hive – it’s the perfect one-stop shop.

Prepping the house for guests?

Pioneer Linens!

Night on the town?

Drinks at Buccan, Bilboquet for dinner.

Shopping for an event or cocktail dress?

Marissa Collections!

This is fun – let’s play another game! How about some volume word association?

Let’s do it!

Okay—what comes to mind when you think of these volumes:

Our big 10 year anniversary!! A decade of the scout guide.

Such a fun celebration. What about the very first Palm Beach Scout Guide?

It was the beginning of something so special here in Palm Beach. We were one of the first guides in the company and the first in Florida. To see how the photography, businesses, tone and creative direction has changed and evolved has been so cool. With the addition of digital, editorial and events, it’s just a totally different guide. That’s something that’s just not in every market but to me it’s just so important because it makes the guide more useful.

We couldn’t agree more. How about volume 8?

That was my first volume!! It was a whirlwind. I had completely changed industries in my career, was learning to be an editor, and I knew I had big shoes to fill. Mimi and Mary had taken such good care of this market for so long- They were so lovely, professional and beloved by our community here.

Call us biased…but we think you’ve done an amazing job.
For future volumes what will be different? What can we expect to stay the same?

You’ll see a lot of the same photography from the wonderful Nick Mele. You’ll see the businesses you know and love along with some new ones. You’ll be able to interact with them in a new way; we’ve stepped up our digital in a big way…what people may not realize is that it takes a true village!
I see us growing as a media brand, with the digital side complementing the guide itself.

Volume 11 is launching on December 15! Follow along on Instagram as we reveal what’s in store for this volume and the upcoming year of TSG Palm Beach.