A Chat with Interior Designer Susan Zises Green

Sophisticated. Classic. Timeless. These are the words that have been used to describe the work of renowned Interior Designer, Susan Zises Green. For over 35 years, Susan has earned critical acclaim and a dedicated client base in locations including Manhattan, The Hamptons, Connecticut, Palm Beach, and Nantucket.

We sat down with Susan Zises Green to learn more about her passions, her drive, and her overall success.

Photo by Marco Ricca

TSG: When was your business founded and how has it has evolved over the years?
SZG: I started my company approximately 40 years ago – time goes fast when you’re having fun! I can’t believe 40 odd years have flown by so quickly. Many of our clients have worked with the company for that many years! We have all evolved together – starting with wanting chintz everywhere to morphing into more Zen like living spaces. However, I see we are creeping back into chintz again! – Which just proves the point that what comes around goes around and everything old is new again!

TSG: Describe your dream project.
SZG: We’ve been very fortunate to have clients that are lovely people. They trust us and themselves – which makes for a truly enjoyable partnership. Our clients believe that our visions for them will enhance their homes and the quality of their lives in their homes. They know we have their best interests at heart. And so, dream projects are created. If something doesn’t feel like it is going to be a ‘dream project’ we don’t proceed with it.

Photo by Brantley Photography

TSG: How do you bring your client’s vision to life while infusing your own touch?
SZG: Clients come to us because they are familiar with our work and trust that we will make their dreams come true. We always respect our clients’ visions and work to enhance them by infusing our expertise, knowledge, and style. We help clients to create a more beautiful environment to live in.

TSG: What trends are you seeing in the market right now?
SZG: I see magazines incorporating more traditional work in their publications. But quite honestly, while there are always trends in the market, we pay them no mind. Our work is not ‘trendy’ as ‘trendy’ is transient. Our work is comfortable, elegant, timeless and enhances the clients’ pleasure at being at home.

Photo by Marco Ricca

TSG: What is your secret to success to share with inspiring interior designers?
SZG: There are ethics in business that help create success. Be a real person; always be yourself. Always be scrupulously honest and direct with your clients. Always keep your word. Your word is your bond – don’t give it unless you can keep it.

Photo by Marco Ricca

TSG: Do you have a favorite project?
SZG: We have many favorite projects but one, in particular, stands out for a number of reasons – it is the ‘Ham and Cheese’ house in Palm Beach, Florida. The best part is these are long-time clients with whom we adore working. And it is an architecturally magnificent structure that we turned into a warm and livable home – working with these wonderful clients and decorating their home was a true labor of love.

TSG: Leave us with a few of your favorite interior design tips that we could incorporate today into our homes.
SZG: Try and create a bit of whimsy; do a bit of the unexpected. Make people smile! Add color where you least expect it. Add greenery – it makes a room come alive! Follow your instincts – don’t be afraid. Don’t buy things to fill in spaces. Only buy what you love – you will find a place for it. And treat yourself to beautiful bed linens because after all, your bedroom is your sanctuary.

Photo by Francesco Lagnese

To learn more about Susan Zises Green’s interior design services and to contact their team, visit their website.