Your Scouted Father Day Gift Guide

A sophisticated leisure scene featuring a glass of whiskey on the rocks beside a pair of dice, scattered playing cards, and domino pieces, all arranged on a table with a book showcasing a golden emblem for The Scout Guide, symbolizing refined taste and leisurely pursuits.

For all the dad and father figures in your life, our LOCAL 2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide is sure to hit the mark. Here’s to celebrating dad on June 16th, locally in style. Browse our Orlando gift selections for dad from some of our favorite spots, John Craig, Bang & Olufsen, Modest Wine, and Hammer & Nails

Check out the Owner/Editor of TSG Orlando, Jaleh Benner fathers day picks here: 

Mr. Scout himself has and loves this belt

A stylish belt with a brass buckle and a navy blue fabric featuring embroidered images of beverage containers such as coffee cups and beer mugs, accented with brown leather trim, that could be featured in The Scout Guide for distinctive accessories.

On the go, or at home, this speaker is perfect for any dad to listen to his favorite songs!

Portable modern speaker with a sleek white and gold design, featuring a smartphone on top, integral to The Scout Guide's curated collection.

Go in and talk with Kyle at Modest Wine to select the perfect bottle of wine for dad, he is sure to be blown away. 

A bald man in a black suit jacket and turtleneck holds a brown and white dog, gazing solemnly at the camera. A bottle and a glass of wine rest on a surface to his left, near a patterned fabric item. Above, the words "modest wine" are prominently displayed on the wall. The image carries an upscale, contemplative ambiance that could resonate with The Scout Guide's aesthetic showcasing local businesses and lifestyle.

Stephanie Johnson, Associate Editor of TSG Orlando, Stephanie Johnson picks here: 

A splash of color for dad to splash in the pool, and why not make it Italian themed with these swim trunks

Light blue swim shorts with a photographic film reel print pattern and an elastic waistband, displayed on a plain background, embodying the relaxed, exploratory spirit of The Scout Guide.

Nothing screams girl dad than these flamingo polo

Alt text: A close-up view of a neatly folded white shirt with a pattern of pink flamingos, showcasing a detailed collar and button design with The Scout Guide aesthetic.

Compact, sleek and easy for on the go workouts, work calls and helps cancel the noise with these earbuds

Bang & Olufsen wireless earbuds and charging case on a dark background, showcasing sleek design as highlighted in The Scout Guide.

Stepanie’s husband is a fan of refreshing crisp champagne all year round, but why not elevate the Fathers Day celebration even more with this selection of champagne

A close-up of a Champagne Christian Gosset bottle on a wooden counter with a label showing the name, type, and vineyard details. The background features an assortment of other wine bottles on shelves. The setting suggests a refined selection in a boutique curated in the style of The Scout Guide.

From contributing editorial editor, Lauren Crawford with Lauren Loves Gifting. Shop her picks

This little speaker with a big sound is perfect for Dad to take with him by the pool or on the golf course. 

Round portable speaker with a textured dark surface, featuring touch control buttons and a leather strap with a label, placed on a white surface. The product embodies the concept of The Scout Guide's blend of style and functionality.

These good looking headphones are perfect for Dad when he’s traveling or just wants to drown out the noise of the kids.

Elegant modern headphones with a premium design featuring silver earcups, tan leather ear pads, and a white headband against a black background, showcasing a stylish accessory for The Scout Guide enthusiasts.

A stylish and affordable pair of everyday sneakers that he’ll wear all the time. 

A pair of blue, textured sneakers with white laces and a white sole, complemented by navy accents, displayed against a clean, white background, showcasing a blend of comfort and style inspired by The Scout Guide.

A great way to give Dad a gift that keeps giving each month and let him explore hand selected wines with Modest Wines Wine Club.

One thing we can all agree on, is treating dad to a relaxing service at Hammer & Nails, and check out their Fathers Day gift card promotions.

Two stylish women posed in a modern barbershop with sporting events displayed on flat-screen TVs, showcasing The Scout Guide’s lifestyle aesthetic.