Welcome Summer!

Happy Summer! 


Remember the cold plate specials served at lunch counters at fixtures like Woolworths, McCory’s and diners in almost every American city?  

This month’s recipes are (albeit a tad more sophisticated) a play on those meals traditionally on menus in the warm summer months.  


These recipes feature simple, seasonal and readily available ingredients like potatoes, beets, smoked salmon, herbs and lemons. 

In Florida when the heat index approaches 100 degrees almost daily, and the afternoon boomers roll in, who wants to heat up the house and sweat over a hot oven?  

This is the time for refreshing, casual meals that include both healthy and hydrating ingredients.


So relax on the front porch, pour yourself a tall lemonade, listen to the cicadas and watch for fireflies. 


It’s time to enjoy the laid back, carefree Summer season!