The Weekly Edit

A collection of The Scout Guide city guides with various colored covers, each featuring a distinctive circular emblem and the name of a different city or region like Hamptons, Hill Country, Scottsdale, and Columbus.

LIVING WELL | Are you on the search for a new home, or maybe you’re looking to expand or downsize? The folks at Buffington Homes have a plethora of options at their many communities. Their newest community, Evening Star in Bentonville, is now open! If you’re looking to customize your dream home, you can work with Buffington Homes in their beautiful design studio in Fayetteville and see your vision come to life.

EDUCATION INNOVATION | Choosing where your child receive’s their education is a huge task – and incredibly important! Nestled in the vibrant heart of Northwest Arkansas, Thaden School emerges as a beacon of educational distinction. With an unwavering dedication to academic excellence, community involvement, and a spirit of exploration, Thaden School epitomizes the transformative essence of education.

UNITE | Join JDRF NWA for their annual Golf Tournament on May 31st and the One Party Gala on June 1st, 2024. These events aren’t just about fun and glamour—they’re opportunities to contribute directly to T1D research and support JDRF’s mission.

RIDE | With warmer weather headed our way, it’s time to break out the bikes and enjoy the many trails that Northwest Arkansas has to offer with our Trailside Guide! If you’re planning to venture out on the Razorback Greenway, our edit’s put together a trailside guide for how to best enjoy your time on the trails. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy the many businesses along the trail, we suggest starting the day in Downtown Fayetteville at The Square for the Farmer’s Market, enjoying the shopping around the square and Dickson Street, then venturing down the trails from there – stopping at our favorite spots. 

DIVE IN | It’s almost time to start thinking about how you’ll suit up for summer and we’ve got your 2024 swimwear looks. Are you more of the bright bikini type or is a floral one-piece that plays peek-a-boo more your speed? Shop our fashionable favorites from The Scout Guide HQ

LAST CALL | We’re in the final stages of scouting for Vol 8 of THE SCOUT GUIDE NWA!! Now is the time to send the note, take the meeting, and dive into this beautiful community – so let’s connect!

— Jenn & the TSG Team