Fayetteville's Outdoor Refreshment Area (ORA): What You Need to Know

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As you may have heard, in July the Fayetteville City Council approved an ordinance allowing restaurants and bars within a designated boundary to offer to-go beverages that can be consumed and enjoyed outside while walking beautiful downtown Fayetteville. This Outdoor Refreshment Area, or ORA, is the perfect way to safely enjoy your drinks and support your favorite local restaurants, bars, and event venues.


So what are the do’s and don’ts?

DO: Know the boundaries of the ORA. The map above shows the currently approved Outdoor Refreshment Area boundary where drinks are allowed. There are also signs placed around the ORA (see below) to keep you from accidentally straying outside of the approved area.

DON’T: Take your beverage outside of the ORA. That’s a big no-no. ORA cups must be kept inside the ORA.

DO: Know which businesses are participating members of the ORA. You can find a list here.

DON’T: Take your ORA cup in a business just because they fall within the ORA boundary. You must first have consent to enter another restaurant or business with your ORA cup. That’s just the rules (and it’s polite, too).

DO: Recycle your cup. Place your cup in any recycling receptacle when you are ready to dispose of it. Good to mention here that you may not give your cup to someone else, even if they are 21.

DON’T: Litter. Keep Fayetteville clean and pristine.

DO: Practice social distancing and be mindful of protecting other bar and restaurant patrons and staff.

DON’T: Forget your mask! The statewide face mask directive is still in place.

Finally, DO: Drink responsibly and support local!

Outdoor Refreshment Area Boundary Sign

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